Into the New Year we stride #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira


Moira here welcoming you to another #SensualSunday post. First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all! You can proudly proclaim from the rooftops that you survived #TheYearThatShallNotBeNamed. Which means it’s time to look to what comes next for you, me, and every other author out there.

Too many people view the date/calendar change to be a “new beginning”. Frankly that is flat out a horrid misconception. We’re not starting from scratch. The year(s) past are not whited out, no matter how much we’d prefer them to money in pocketbe, there is no “pass GO and collect 200 dollars” here. But we can look forward instead of focusing on the past. I’m not suggesting, nor would I ever because that would be idiocy, forgetting the past. The past helped shape us, shape our writing, and will continue to bring it’s lessons to bear as we continue forward.

No, what you as an author needs to do is to mentally wipe down the white board, start at the top, and reorganize how you want to go about doing your business of writing. What I mean by this is that look to what was working for you, what wasn’t working for you, and figure out a plan that will get you the good without so much of the bad. Will there still be stumbling blocks? Absolutely. But those too are lessons we all need to learn from. After all if we forget the past we are forever doomed to repeat it. Do we need daily reminders? Uh, hell no! But while you shouldn’t be focused on the fuck ups that were, you should be learning and growing from them. Lessons learned remember.

School white board, vector illustration.So as you stride into 2017 pick a task, be it small or large, and start working toward it one step at a time until you have achieved. Then pick the next, and the next, and so forth. It’s not about being the fastest in the race, it’s about keeping up a steady and consistent pace. Will there be authors out there pumping out books at a rate that is seemingly insane? Yup, but I’m pretty sure they never sleep. You, yes you, do not need to be them, you do not need to try to keep up to them, YOU need to do YOUR thing at YOUR pace and keep it going. After all, slow and steady will always win the race. Not that this is a race, because you are not in competition with anyone, least of all yourself.

Be who you are, be who you aim to be, and be the best version there is. It doesn’t matter what that might be, it does NOT matter what anyone else says, all that matters is that you are writing, and you are happy. Be happy.

From all of us at Naughty Quills, may you and yours have a safe & happy New Year. Bring on 2017!

XO Moira Callahan

Sensual kiss on the neck

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