Raven’s Rambling Thursday Thoughts on…Ageing, ideas and plans…

Welcome to my last quills of 2016. I think you’ll see a lot of things like the ‘last of for this year’ over the next couple of days. Everyone wants to tidy up 2016 and get ready for 2017.

Blooming ‘eck that sounds weird. But then I suppose every new year beginning reminds me I’m another year older. As we all are but the further up the number list you get the more you remember what you want to get done.

Your bucket list I guess.


And why not? After all as authors and readers, we are always saying what we want to write or read next. It’s good to have plans. Even if your plan, is well I do not want to plan x or y but see what z is.

Go for it.

If that sounds like a contradiction in terms it really isn’t. You are you do you do what works for you.

Fun frog

I am learning to knit. Okay I haven’t learned how to pick up a dropped stitch, but I will.

I have been researching my family history. There might be a story in there. Or there might not, but it is great fun.

I am having a ball just wondering where I will go next.

And not worried, but excited.

Roll on my next whatever. Until then I’m chilling.

This is my plan. Note, I’m not calling it my resolutions. Just my plan.

What’s yours?

happy whatever

love Raven xx


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