Dust Off That Backlist!!

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings! Today I’d like to talk about your backlist.

One of the most frequently asked questions by newer authors to seasoned ones is how do I get people to buy my book? And we almost always advise they write the next one. That much is true. Nothing takes the place of word of mouth. But that doesn’t mean we should simply forget about those books already out there. There is still life in them, and they can keep selling years later.

My backlist is over 80 books long. Because the rights to my Carolyn Rosewood titles will soon expire this year or next, I recently began pimping the oldest ones on my weekly blog features. I’ve picked up new readers, and that in turn will give my Tara Rose and Ravenna Tate pen names exposure.

dust-off-that-backlistJust because a book has been out for several years doesn’t mean everyone who would enjoy reading it is aware of its existence. That’s the reason I still have all those books listed on my website, although I don’t do nearly enough pimping of my backlist as I should.

I learned a valuable lesson by featuring my first series written for Evernight as Carolyn. From now on, I intend to draw attention to my older works under my other names.

It doesn’t take much. A feature here, a blog post there, or simply a Facebook post with a couple of covers and a buy link or two.You never know who is out there waiting to discover what else you’ve written!

Until next week, Happy Writing!!

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