Be a Superhero Writer after the holidays! #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. And Happy Saturday!

We got a heck of a dumping of snow overnight and the snow today is supposed to change to freezing rain later this evening. To say I’m not going anywhere is an understatement, but also a blessing!!! Having no outside the house obligations/needs, I get some writing time this weekend!!

Speaking of writing, I struggle every year with finding the time to write during the holidays. How about you? It’s chaotic with family in and out, dropping by all the time, baking, wrapping, Christmas dinner prep, and trying to keep the house clean after all the company leaves and the presents are wrapped! (I have sparkles from tissue paper all over my bedroom floor where I do my wrapping.)

So how does an author find the time to get in a word or two into the work in progress?

Think about doing something like this …

When I get up in the morning, having taken my tablet to bed the night before, I don’t let anyone know I’m up for at least 30 minutes. I’ll write whatever I can in that time or make notes of what I see happening next. It’s the same with the night before. Even though exhaustion from the hectic pace of the holidays is draining, I’ll do as many words as I can for 30 minutes to an hour before finally tucking myself in.

Take advantage of the later hours, the early mornings before the household wakes. It’s nearly impossible to sneak away from the events/family when the festivities are going on, but those wee hours when you’re locked away and supposed to be sleeping can be the best medicine to get any writing done at all. It might mean sacrificing a bit of sleep, however, you can catch up once the holidays are over and you have peace and quiet again.

Just do not get down on yourself, don’t lose faith or panic that you’ll never get the work in progress done. Your Muse will have to learn to enjoy the holidays as well, with the promise that you’ll focus on writing later. And don’t set writing goals of 1-2 thousand words before bed or first thing in the morning. The important thing to do is just write, set the time limit of that 30 mins or so that you won’t be missed too much and work at getting any number of words in.

Don’t stress. Enjoy the holidays and do what you can. Be a Superhero Writer after the holidays!


Until next week,

Happy Writing!!

Kacey (2)

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