Raven’s Thursday thoughts on holes in your gum


Hi All, Raven here, a little sore and mumpy.

This is not a proper bloggy blog. No ranting, no pointers, not a lot of anything really.

I’m sorry but read on and find out why.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel over these last few weeks. I’ve got a notebook full of ideas and things to remember for future books. Notebooks are an author’s friend. I think I’ve said that before. So is a camera. I have a folder on my laptop of photos I’ve taken to remind me of what somewhere looks like. (Yes there is an idea for another book set in Hong Kong.)

We landed after a long fight, drove home exchanged warm stuff for jumpers and ended up in the Scottish borders for a leisurely family weekend. Jet lagged or not, it was great fun. Then DH took me away fro my birthday. All of this was a surprise.

I was full of ideas for my blog post. Along the lines of photos as an aid memoire. Sadly that will have to wait.


Yesterday I went to the dental hospital for two biopsies on my gum. The procedure didn’t take that long. It was done under local anesthetic, and I was in and out in around an hour. They took two chunks of gum to look t and then sewed me up. Straightforward, but I was warned about pain.

Oh yeah. Pain. I do not do pain. Not in any shape or form. Okay weird but true. I can write it, have experienced it to see… but nope not for me.

So I had the painkillers at the ready. Luckily, because, oh boy!

I can not keep awake. Except when my mouth tells me it is time to take more painkillers.

They joked at the dental hospital I could put it in a book. Hmmm. Like how it feels when they are sewing your gum up?

Maybe if I ever wake up enough to know what on earth I’m doing.

So, lovely readers, my post (with pictures) will have to wait until next week.

This week I’m throwing myself on your mercy and asking for forgiveness.


Happy whatever you fancy,


Love Raven xx

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