Holiday Giveaway from the Quills #Giveaway #Romance #Authors

Good morning everyone! Kacey here for a quick second, filling in for April but also because all of us Naughty Quills want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. And in doing so, we wanted to hold a giveaway to share some holiday cheer, and express our heartfelt thank yous to you all for supporting us here this past year.

Our giveaway is super, super easy.

Simply leave your email address, and answer the questions in the comments section below…

  1. What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?
  2. What did you ask Santa to bring you under tree?

Easy peasy.

Prizes ~ On December 21st, we will draw SEVEN winners. Each winner will receive one back list title from a participating author (prizes and author names drawn at random).

Good luck!

Again, all of us here want to wish each and every one of our visitors a wonderful holiday season. However you celebrate, be safe, have fun and embrace the moments with loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

Kacey, Raven, Doris, Ravenna, Moira, Michelle & April

15 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway from the Quills #Giveaway #Romance #Authors

  1. We wait until Christmas morning to open presents. Every year we all get new fuzzy pajamas.
    I’m hoping for a new laptop for myself, we’ll see how Scrooge like I feel !
    Thanks for the chance!

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  2. We get together Christmas Eve and go drive around several towns looking at all the Christmas lights. Then we go back to the house, make hot chocolate, watch at movie and open one present. We’ve done this since our daughters were little and now they are doing this with their children. As for what I asked Santa to leave under the tree, I just asked for Amazon cards so I can continue to get the books I love to read!
    Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

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  4. Afternoon all!!

    Thank you for participating in our giveaway. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Based on’s randomization, here are the matched up winners with the author.

    Each author will contact you about how to obtain your Ebook prize!

    Naughty Quills
    1. Moira
    2. April
    3. Ravenna
    4. Raven
    5. Kacey
    6. Michelle
    7. Doris

    1. Evita
    2. Rhonda B
    3. Mythic
    4. Maggie
    5. Heidi
    6. DennisTabitha
    7. Lisa M

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