Raven rambles on and grovels a bit.

Thursday thoughts from Raven on this that and a bit of the other

I know I know, I was conspicuous in my absence last week. Sorry peeps. My only excuse was I was away from home and honestly forgot it was Thursday. Jet lag, unaccustomed warmth, I couldn’t have told you what day it was. So I do apologise.

This week, its going to be a short post, although longer than last week. *Snigger*

I’ve been busy with family stuff, have hardly written anything and am at the twitchy stage now.

This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because I am itching to write and bad because I don;’t have much time. However every word added to my WIP is a word closer to those magic two words we are striving for. The end.

So I’m not going to sweat it. Just go with the flow. I’ve had the opportunity to read a bit and once again have been struck how some people don’t bother to do their research properly.

A screaming woman and books

Anyone who knows me know I’m anal about research and do my very best to get it right. Of course I don’t always, but if you can check and cross check on the net these days, so there really is no excuse for getting basics wrong.

There are always people you can ask, people who live in the area you have chosen to set your book. Okay not on Mars but I’m talking about the world we live in.

I know I’ve moaned on about this before, but hello…Some things are so easy. Like knowing which supermarket in on the edge of a town and calling it by its proper name not one of a rival. Knowing your whisky (no E) from whiskey. And so on.

Yeah Raven is on her soapbox. I’ve just been pulled out of an otherwise great story, by a well known author for those very things.

Research please. Just research.

love Raven xx



5 thoughts on “Raven rambles on and grovels a bit.

      • Ha it is a major bugbear of mine.Scotch had no E, Irish and bourbon do. I have been told once that I have to put an E in it because people will think it is a spelling mistake. Er not in Scotland. And not for any scotch, especially The Macallan (In my opinion the best single malt whisky (no E) in the world, not if I want to stay married.:)

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