We are in the business of HEA @aprilzyon

Hello my darlings and welcome to Wednesdays with me, April Zyon.

As the subject says I want to talk to you today about the business that we are in as romance authors. We are here to give our readers (which we all love) the happily ever afters that they are after.

What brought this up?

Well I just read a story where the heroine died in the end giving birth to the couples child. Which isn’t impossible by any means I know – however what happened next simply floored me…

While holding his child in the hospital room where his wife gave birth this man had slit his wrists. He died holding his newborn child!

5752973c2789c585f6c5191b3a55b846fb37ac0129579253a423f950efcb82d7     WHAT THE EVER LOVING NAME OF FUCK?!

And there was no warning at all in the “About this book” section about this! It even said “HEA standalone with no cliffhangers” ….

There were no reviews so I couldn’t tell that way but there are by now I’m sure.

What’s worse – THAT’S HOW THE BOOK ENDED!! Him dying and the nurses coming in the find him dead with the baby screaming after she fell out of his arms.

**Taking a  deep breath**

We are romance authors. We are in the business of creating romance escapism for our readers. Certainly we want to give them a bit of realism as well but in the end we want that happily ever after – which is what HEA means. I mean for heavens sake there is no HEA for anyone in the story that I mentioned above, not the couple and certainly not the child that is now orphaned!

A happily ever after is where when you leave the couple they have a long life looking out ahead of them. They’ve overcome whatever angst and obstacle you placed before them as the author and their lives are settled. With their happily ever after that means just that, they have happiness from here out.

So please, please keep that in mind.

If your book isn’t going to be a happily ever after – for the love of all that’s holy please WARN THE READERS!

If a reader wanted something that sad – they would want to be warned. I know I would! I expect things like that from someone like Nicholas Sparks, but at least you are warned.

Bare bones here – if you are writing a book where the Hero and heroine or one or the other die in the end – please do not label it as a HEA, please WARN YOUR READERS. It doesn’t mean that the book won’t be read – I mean look at NS and how many of his books are read! Its about respect for your readers. So please, be kind to them and warn them.

That’s the biggest thing. You don’t have to give away the plot, you just have to give us a bit of respect and let us know of an impeding doom so that we don’t get hit with the sudden jolt of pain when there is the death of characters we’ve invested 400 pages into getting to know.

That’s it for me today.

Be kind to each other. Be humble. Don’t be a “mean girl”. Remember to treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Always remember that what is said in PM’s can and will get out to the world – no matter how much you “trust” who you are talking to.

April Out…

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