That Marketing Thing… with @aprilzyon


Marketing is something that we all, as authors, struggle with when we write our books. We write our book and polish it to the best of our abilities and think that is all that we have to do.

Not so my dear ones. Not so.

There is so much more to it than simply writing your book. I know that we have all hit upon this topic and given tips, but in truth, you have to find your own groove and what works for you. I know how harsh that sounds, and truly I hate to say that but its true. What works for one author will not work for another author and vice versa.

We could all give you bits of wisdom, things that we have done and things that have worked for us in the past, and you could in turn use these little tidbits and turn them into something else and that could work for you. That’s the beauty of it, that’s the beauty of this blog – sharing information. We are all in this together, we share what we know in hopes that one day you will share with us as well because in truth, we are all learning.

One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you and that I’m sure every single one of us has said to authors that were uncertain at some point in time…

Write the next book.

That’s the best marketing tool in your arsenal. Seriously. After you’ve submitted your first book (or 100th) write your next book. Never stop. Even if its writing 5 words a day just keep plugging away on that next book because that word of mouth of the next book you have coming out after the one that’s already on the market is what’s going to carry you on through the lull between books.

So that’s me for today.

Be Kind to each other.


Now, some handsome men. The images come from Hottest Men In The World on Facebook.

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