Raven asks Who are you today?

Hi all my Thursday thoughts are a wee bitty dark today.

My lap top is on a go slow. A very definite go slow. To the point it is taking me five or ten minutes to upload anything and word won’t make any words unless you know the magic word.magicword. And it seems half the time it decides I don’t.

Even if I do try and find the magic word.

And I find it hard to write using a desk top. I can’t get the angles correct. (No smutty comments please lol 😉 )

With my laptop I can and do write anywhere and everywhere, and at any time. As I often says, have laptop will travel.

Ages ago I was moaned at by someone (a fellow writer) during a 100k in 100 days write-a-thon, because I wrote everywhere and anywhere and in their words made every one else feel inadequate.                                                                     (Picture, source pinterest)

Now I thought this a bit unfair as some days I didn’t add any words. However, as I took my laptop with me when I was away or sitting in the dentist waiting room, If I wanted to, I wrote.

But no laptop and I’m snookered.

Each to their own.

That lead in is really about this part of my blog

Never, ever be ashamed of what and how you write. But be careful how you see yourself.

 Be you a tortoise or a hare it doesn’t matter. As long as you take part. It’s not a race, it’s not a competition, and it is not a who can write more, less, hotter, sweeter or whatever.


(source pinterest)

Remember, each to their own.

But I’d add this, which is a feedback to Doris’ post the other day. Tags are easy to get and harder to lose. Be careful how you market yourself. If you want to be known as Insert whatever for ever fair enough. But if you label yourself writer of filth, erotica, sweet romance, or ferret feeding, beware you might be stuck with it forever more.

Much better to have a tag that is not quite so specific, but is really ‘you’. I write Romance with a twist.

Well it works for me…

Happy writing,

Love Raven x

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