When Hard Work Pays Off #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a wonderful week full of love, laughter and good writing and/or reading. It’s been a busy week for me as I work on the current WIP and zip through my list of Christmas presents to buy for loved ones. The malls and streets in town are already piling up with people rushing to stores, hands full of shopping bags and frowns on their faces. Thank heavens, and *knock on wood*, we do not have any snow to trudge/drive through as yet.

On the blog here, a lot of us have covered many topics from pushing through writer’s block, to what inspires us to how to behave as a professional online and much, much more. I’m tackling a bit of a different angle today and ponder with you about what happens sometimes when hard work pays off.

So, you’ve written the story, submitted it, it’s been accepted, given a smashing cover and polished fifty times by you and your fabulous editor and sent out to the masses of readers at every online bookstore possible. The release day is awesome and full of anticipation to maybe hit a bestsellers list somewhere and every author sits and watches rankings go up and down at stores like Amazon hoping against hope that people are buying.

Nerves grab hold of the author and while release day is fun and exciting …

Well, this is me on release days …


No amount of wine helps calm the nerves and I pace a lot. LOL

But what happens months afterward? When the book you finished nine months ago hits bestseller lists and becomes a “Backlist” title? Dear lord, it collects dust maybe. Or, hopefully, with every new release you have every six weeks or so, your backlist titles – that book you wrote and published months ago – moves a little bit as new readers enjoy your books and want ALL your books. Hallelujah! Can you hear angels singing? It’s a goal that we all want. We want all readers out there buying every single book we write.

But then there’s this surprise. Maybe something that is forgotten because it only happens once a year. It’s not something on your mind every time a new book is released. And some months later, you see online, that you’ve been nominated? Yes, nominated for an award for your book! That book published nine months or so ago! The one you haven’t thought of much since about a month after it released.

All around the book community there are hundreds of sites/organizations that have yearly awards. The “best of the best” books from many authors/stories recognized for being pretty awesome. From review sites to RWA, to the RITAs, and even publisher awards. And I’m proud to say that our publisher, Evernight Publishing, which all of us here at the blog is published with, have their own yearly awards – the Annual Reader’s Choice Awards. The Finalists were announced today and it’s a very impressive list!  Again, for probably all of the authors at Evernight don’t often think of the awards. I’ll be honest, I forget all about them and even found myself voting on the last day of nominations this year.

The old saying “It’s just an honor being nominated” is very true. Don’t ever forget that. It really is an honor. Think about it, should you ever be nominated, remember that your story out of HUNDREDS was chosen by readers. As with Evernight Publishing, which publishes two books a day (Monday to Friday), there are A LOT of releases every year. Being nominated is humbling and so validating. Not to toot my own horn, as a past nominee the last couple years, it is so, so amazing and validating to have a title of mine remembered by readers. But of course, we all want to be FINALISTs, don’t we? Yes it is rewarding to be nominated but making that final cut – whew, it’s thrilling, over-the-moon, cloud nine type of world spinning.

And lap that shit up, authors!!

If you find yourself nominated – as an author and/or one your stories – embrace it! You earned it. You put in the blood, sweat and tears, and you deserve the recognition. Be humble of course! No one likes a bragger or an attention hog, but do hold the honor close to you because it’s enriching to know that readers (as well as colleagues who vote too!) believed in your work and selected something of yours that outshined many others over the year.

I am so, so proud of Evernight Publishing. I have been published with them for over four years now and every year they continue to impress me with the league of talented authors and stories they add to their catalogue. And I am especially proud of the authors nominated and who make the finals and share in the thrill and pleasure of their work being recognized. And another lesson here, as it’s been said before, be happy for them/celebrate with them. There’s so much reward in your fellow authors being pumped for your success. Support them. Always.

In closing, and the point I really want to stress, is that sometimes all the hard work and frustration that may come with each story it is worth it. When you least expect it, you’ll find yourself recognized by readers in a way you never expected. Enjoy it. Be proud of yourself and let it be a reminder, even if you don’t need it, that you are good enough. Your stories are good enough.

Congratulations to all the Evernight Publishing authors nominated this year, and those authors around the WWW who may be nominated for various other awards. Good luck!!

Now, back to your keyboards!! Yes I’m serious. Back to those keyboards and half-finished manuscripts to write the next bestseller and/or book to be nominated next year! *g*


Until next week,

Happy writing!!!!!
Kacey (2)

P.S. If you’d like to vote in the Evernight Publishing Annual Reader’s Choice Awards, visit >>> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QM3S9TR and click on those titles/authors you were thrilled by this year.



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