Thursday thoughts with Raven on sheep…

We are not sheep, so don’t act like them.

shy looking sheep with white wool clipart

What brought this on?

A conversation with someone not long ago, where they told me I should stop writing what I was doing, (a nice hot dark love story, and before that, a Regency) and write something else. Because and I quote, ‘Let’s face it you’re not that well known and popular are you, and this (other genre) stuff sells. Maybe you’d get more sales that way.’

Now before we all go up in arms (or not) it was not a friend, an editor/publisher/author, or I suspect a real reader of mine. And they weren’t being snide. They, I believe (hope) honestly thought they were being helpful. It was someone who, on being told I was an author had never heard of me.

And why should they?


After all, in the grand scheme of things, it’s all true. I’m not a NY times best seller, and probably never will be. But changing what I write, what I love to write and I hope what I can write won’t alter that.

Because this is my voice. They way I write and what I love to write.

Following a trend, following the flock and trying to write something I’m not in love with, would show in my writing.



Cardboard and unbelievable.

I know, oh I really do. Because when I first typed those words, chapter one, and did my best to create a story, I wrote as I thought I should not as I could. It was awful.

Truly terrible.

What a wake up call.

I then listened to my voice. And here we are, over a hundred stories later.

Now this doesn’t mean I haven’t tried new things. Not at all. After all how do you know if you can write a certain type of story unless you try?

But, and oh boy is that a little word with a big meaning…but do it because you want to, not because it’s trendy.

Do it because it excites you, enthuses you, and you just have to get that story out of you and down on paper.

Not because you’re a sheep.



Happy writing


Love Raven xx

4 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts with Raven on sheep…

  1. My hubs and i debate about this often, the what i should/shouldnt write. He thinks to make bank, i should be writing what is trending. Example… SciFi is flying off bookshelves. Or bdsm.

    Now i love my guy, he is who prodded me to write, but he doesnt “get” that I cant write to trend. I am a contemp gal who also loves shifters and suspense. I have very little love for scifi anything & i can write light bdsm but I dont pretend to know enough about it to write about it!! I can only write what inspires me. I dont follow trends & wont manipulate myself or my writing to anything I am not.

    I shall tell him now, that I am not a sheep!! LOL

    Bravo Raven!


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