The art of diplomatic crappery with Raven

Raven’s ramblings and Thursday thoughts. On…think once, think twice, and think again. Then say what’s on your mind.

If you understand, that~

A, not everyone will agree with you…

B, some people will argue the toss over whatever you said…

C, it might get nasty.

This is not just referring to the USA Election, or to Brexit or to the Scottish referendum or whatever political ‘thing’ is happening/has happened in your neck of the woods lately.

I’m talking about life. We as humans can argue over anything and usually do. How to squeeze the toothpaste, cream or jam first on your scone, even how to pronounce ‘scone’.


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Some things are big, some little. but rarely in a room of ten people will you get everyone to agree on whatever is being debated/argued about.

And yeah, sometimes we can forget ourselves and get nasty. What we need to remember is we are all entitled to our opinions.

Question Doodles


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What we also need to remember that if we share them it is anyone’s right to disagree. And not everyone will do that politely.

As authors we are in our own way, people that other people may look to for an opinion on anything from Jam to Jerusalem, Baltimore to Birmingham (Uk or Alabama), books, bosses or bugger all.

I’m not talking Politics here. But, politics. Things that others may take as gospel and hold it against you. For ever.

You might not like how another writer writes. But when you’re asked what you think, you don’t say ‘shite’, you say something diplomatic. Like, ‘oh she is very popular but her style is not for me. But hey isn’t it great we all don’t like the same thing?’

If someone thinks way B is the way to go and you disagree, you don’t shout ‘OY YOU ARE WRONG’ You say something along the lines of, Well ‘I don’t think that’s for me but I do hope it works for you’. Or whatever.

Remember someone somewhere will have noted what you said. Taken a screen shot, recorded it or told a friend.

You don’t want it to rear up and bite you in the bum.

Because, yeah everyone is entitled to their opinion. (Even hey isn’t Raven fab/brill/amaz… living in a dream world/full of crap.)


Happy commenting,

love Ravenx

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