Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

Writing a book and being an author is an amazing thing, it really is. Knowing that someone has read your book is amazing, and utterly terrifying at the same time.

Seriously its terrifying knowing that there is someone out there that’s picking apart work that you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

But that’s okay, it’s part of the process.

Now, the really hard parts…

Marketing yourself.

Yes, that’s right – yourself – not your book but yourself.

It’s more than about the book that you have written but it’s about you as well.  Interject a bit of your spirit into your media kits that you are sending out. Put some of your soul into those as well.

(by the way, this is something that I’m learning as well!)


I need for you to keep these things in mind from here out when sending out your media kits for your marketing material to bloggers and so on…

  • Spice it up
  • Put more of you into the packet
  • Tell a small anecdote or funny story in your kit (make it a small one for each one if you want or can)
  • Try to give your readers just a little something different each time, don’t make the media kits the same ole’ same ole’ every time
  • Do whatever comes naturally to you.


This is by no means a primer, so don’t take it that way – in fact I’m still learning all of the ins and outs of trying to market myself.


In the meantime, go off and write! Be happy and be good to each other.

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