Raven on the wrong day… Pondering on friendship

Hi everyone,

This is a short ramble today, as I’m being Doris who is currently unable to post.

 autumn-walker(source Pinterest)

Rambling… get it? Okay as you were

Most of you know Doris and I are besties; I’m her kid’s Grammy Jo and I love her and her family to bits. (huggles to you all xx)

We turn to each other straight away after our immediately family. I reckon we know almost as much about each other as our hubby’s do. (Almost… note I said almost) And we met through writing. It doesn’t matter she’s an eight hour drive away, she’s still the first person I think of when I need love/hugs/a kick up the bum.

So of course I said I’d step into the breach. She would do the same thing for me. Actually lets be stright here any  of the Quillers would. I just got in here first.

Friends. We all need them.


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So often you read posts saying that your social networking friends aren’t real friends because you’ve never met them. That how do you know who they really are?

Okay yes. That’s true, Freda could really be Fred. Mandy 25 could really be Martin 52, and so on. We don’t know and it does behoove us to be careful and hold a little bit of ourselves back.

But you know what? This is not anything new. When I was a kid there was no facebook, instagram or twitter. We had pen friends. You interacted with someone you’d never met, by writing to them. They could be anywhere in the world. Just like today.


(Aannd…Source pinterest)

It wasn’t instant as it is today, but the principal was the same.

And sometimes you got the chance to meet the people behind the names. As you do today. And usually find out they are who they purport to be. (whew)

I think what I’m trying to say, in my ‘why am I still awake its 3.40 am and I need my sleep’ way, is that friends are precious, and can be at the end of the phone, lap top or road. To laugh cry and eat chocolate (virtual or otherwise) with.

As authors we need friends in another way as well. An honest, this work is crap sort of friends. An honest, this is fab but oh good grief, how many ‘ing ‘words do you need in one paragraph sort of way. Oh and an honest, why are you telling, not showing me, way as well as the honest. yay this is fab, sort of way.

You might never meet them in the flesh. Live on opposite sides of the world, only correspond by tapping a keyboard, but they are true friends.



(source pinterest)

Well I HAD to didn’t I?

And sometimes do you get to meet them.

Authors are great. Most of us are supportive of each other. And most of us are who we say we are.

For those who aren’t? And this doesn’t just apply to authors and or social media friends. There is a simple resolution. Block and un-friend. Don’t send any more letters. Do a return to sender. (No I’m not going to add a pic of Elvis singing that)

No need to be bitchy about it. Politeness is the way.

And remember there’s a lot of us out here who really are your friends.


Happy reading friends,

Love, Raven xx

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