Waiting to Exhale #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. I hope you’ve had a great week. We’ve had snow in our part of Ontario, Canada this past week. Not a lot but to see it already was depressing. I’m a winter baby and I dislike the season with a passion. But yes, I do still live in Canada. LOL  It is home after all.

This week, I’m an author who is waiting to exhale. I’m sure y’all are curious as to what I mean by that. My expression of waiting to exhale is the submission process. That sometimes long wait to hear back from a publisher you’ve submitted your story to. I’m there. Have been there many, many times, and currently in that state over this past week.

So, you’ve written your story and polished it until it’s so shiny you need sunglasses, agonized over the blurb and dreaded synopsis, then submitted to the publisher. The wait time (turnaround time) varies with each publisher. With Evernight Publishing they have a projection of twelve weeks. I have never had to wait that long. As the publisher has grown it is a reasonable time allotted and makes perfect sense. I’ve been lucky with EP that I have never waited longer than 5-7 days. The shortest was a few hours later! I liked that one. LOL Evernight rocks so much! But it is still a bit like holding one’s breath – not literally of course hahahaha – but time slows down and fingers get tired hitting refresh on email all the time. With another publisher, who I won’t name because they are going out of business and who shall not be named (I’d rather say Lord Voldemort more than I wanna name this publisher ever again), and they were an dreadful time frame of nearly six months to hear back after a submission. I will say however once I got my first acceptance there, I was able to then submit directly to my editor and I had responses within twenty-four hours. I know a few publishers current time frame is on par with Evernight Publishing’s twelve weeks, and up to sixteen weeks.

Every publisher has a different timeline, most taking weeks to hear back from, and you’re waiting and waiting some more to hear back about your golden story…what do you do now? Well, for all authors they have a different approach to things. I know a couple authors who won’t write a thing until they hear back from the publisher(s). OMG! IMO, this is a bad idea. If you sit and do nothing until you hear back, this is valuable writing time lost. Poof. Gone forever. I try to immediately jump right back into the next book in my plan. Not to say I haven’t taken a day or two off after submitting a book. I, like others I know, will have a relaxing couple days – a spa day, cleaning the house that’s been neglected while slaving over a story (not really relaxing for some but I do), going to visit a friend or two, taking the kids to a movie, etc. – but most authors don’t waste much time diving into new characters/stories.

It is so important to have patience in this business. I’m a person who likes to be in control and when a publisher has one of my stories, and I’m waiting patiently for a yes or no, it’s hard not being in control of the situation. It is all a part of the process though and I can only wait with baited breath – and wait to exhale. I’m on day five of the current wait to hear back about my latest finished story, but I do have enough to keep me busy. And I have another book at the last couple check points in my list to do before submitting it to the same publisher. *g*

But when that response from the publisher arrives, I’ll be hitting refresh on the email every hour, shaking in my slippers, and waiting to exhale.

And Waiting to Exhale actually is one of my all-time favorite movies. Have a peek at the title song from that movie, to put a sweet spin on everything. And who doesn’t want to hear Whitney sing?



Until next week,

Happy Writing!!!

Kacey (2)

One thought on “Waiting to Exhale #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

  1. Ah, the wait is a killer. I’m right there with you. Currently waiting on two submissions and every time my e-mail pings I jump a little. Madness, I tell you, lol.

    I tend to jump straight into the next story. Only way to keep sane…. sort of.. lol!


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