Raven rambles and has Thursday thoughts on… The Hokey Cokey…

Raven rambles on about…The Hokey Cokey or what’s in and what’s out. (I heard that snigger from the back.)

Hi all, and once again welcome to my random thoughts on something vaguely to do with writing.

This week I’m talking about trends. What’s in and what’s not.

And it reminded me of that old dance we used to do when I was a kid.

The Hokey Cokey.

For those of you who have never heard about it, you all stood in a circle and sang, put one limb in (not an independently acting body part, honestly,) and put the same limb out. Shouted the words in…out twice, and then you waggled said limb all about, did the Hokey Cokey, turned around, got dizzy and informed everyone in the room that that was what it was all about.(I can hear the sniggers again)

You repeated this with as many limbs as you could and then eventually the whole body and held hands and danced inwards and out. A bit like the sea over the sand at high tide.

As in no one knew exactly what was going to happen next.


(Source, pinterest)

Just like sub genres.

This week I’ve been told Regency is not popular and won’t sell by one publishing house and asked by another when my WIP will be ready because Regency is popular. Been informed BDSM is boring (er Really?) or it will never go out of fashion because it’s so interesting. And so on.

Cue the Hokey Cokey

You put shifters in, take vampires out, bikers in and medical out, do the dance and shake them up a lot.

Then maybe Sci fi in, horror out, Time slip in, regency out…


A screaming woman and books

No wonder we get confused.

And the point of this? Write what interests you. We are all different and one person’s favourite will be someone else’s most hated. Sometimes you write that most hated and get told so in very graphic terms. At another times it is the very opposite.

Of course there are trends, we all know that. And we all know trends change almost as often as the wind. (Polite there eh?) But every sub genre has a following. People like it and will always but it.

Why am I writing? For whom?

I know Regency is not the most popular, never has been, and never will, but…and that is a big but, I love writing it. The research, the look into lives of those days and the way not everyone conformed. So whilst it might ‘not sell’ or is that while it is ‘popular’ I’ll write it.

And a last thought to ponder on… Your favourite sub genre might not be popular with readers of one publishing house, but top of the list with another.

Homework time, (and as I have a Regency out today, you know that thing that just won’t sell, I’m off to stalk and hope I can prove them wrong…)

Happy reading,

Love Raven x

3 thoughts on “Raven rambles and has Thursday thoughts on… The Hokey Cokey…

  1. We called it the Hokey Pokey where I grew up, but same dance! LOL!! LOVE this post, Raven. You and I are in the same place on this. Trying to chase trends and second-guess what readers want only frustrates us. Write what you want to write. Write what you love to write, because you do it so well. ❤

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