Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

Forgive the interruption of the failure of my brain + working while working on this post.

Now, on to the post….

As an author we all have the biggest fears and worries in the world, we have them because we expose ourselves to the public, unlike most people. We are putting our very souls out there for the world to see in the words that we write in the books we put out and it’s only human nature that we doubt ourselves from time to time.

It doesn’t take much to question, it really doesn’t.

  • A bad review.
  • A “hate message” from someone online / on our website/email, etc
  • Those “drive by” one-star reviews that are left on Goodreads and so on (you know, the ones that just give us the one stars without telling us why)
  • Someone getting our coffee wrong
  • Our muses running away with our characters

The list really is endless, and I think it is because as authors we are creators and that makes us just a bit more sensitive than the average folks.

There are things you can do when you start to doubt yourself.

  • Look in a mirror and realize – YOU ARE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR
  • Remember how far that you have come and all that you have achieved in your life
  • If you doubt yourself because of the hate messages, drive by one stars and so on – simply let it go. Forgive them for insulting you, attacking you or belittling you and realize that you are better than they are because you are able to forgive and walk away. For them, they will continue to stalk your page just so they can continue to do this for some reason you will never know and that’s on them – not you
  • If it’s your muse running away with your characters, let them have their tryst because they might come back with a really freaking damn good story! You never, ever know! Do something else, go for a walk, watch television or better yet – READ
  • And most importantly – surround yourself with people that inspire you. People that challenge you. Surround yourself with people that challenge you to be a better you, not with people that drag you down into the mud because that will only bring your doubt along with it.
  • Rise like a Phoenix.


Believe in yourself and know that you are an amazing person, if you’ve published and continue to publish books, then you are doing very well. Believe in yourself and let go of the doubt.


I say this as I try to let go of my own.


This is one self-doubter whose trying to save herself from that drowning feeling that we all feel at times, I really hope that this post helps more than just me.


Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!



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