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Good morning everyone, and welcome to another #SensualSunday post. As of three minutes before I started writing this I had no clue what my post this week would be about. So I sat here staring at the blank page, blinking cursor, and my brain let out a slight grinding sound as the old cogs began to turn.

Here on Naughty Quill’s we’ve talked about a great variety of items. But one that maybe we need to discuss more is how to maintain your drive when life knocks you sideways without warning.

We’ve all had speed bumps in our writing. Any author that says otherwise is not being wholly truthful with you. Whether it’s an unexpected plot twist, writing yourself into a corner, no time in your schedule, life kicking you somewhere extremely painful, or your muse taking a vacation with no idea of when she’ll return, we all have them. It’s a fact of life as an author – there will be days where staring at your WIP does nothing more than make you want to scream and tear your hair out. There is no easy cure, but we’ve all touched base here about different ways to get around the speed bumps that we encounter.

The best advice I can probably give any new, or even established author, who is coasting along in a rut right now is this. Your story is a piece of you, it’s demanding to be told, it deserves to be told. It’s not always going to be easy, if it were there would be more speed bump on asphalt road with yellow and black signauthors out there putting out top notch quality works ever single day. You have to work at it and never, ever give up.

Yes, you will have times in your life where turning on your computer, or opening your notebook is the last thing on your mind for whatever reason. That. Is. Fine. But eventually you will need to dust it off, crack it open, and become reacquainted with your WIP. Scary, I know. But keep this in mind, it’s yours and that makes it pretty damn special, and definitely unique.

I’ve had a nasty six plus months where my writing time went from every single night and weekend, to next to nothing. My day job threw a wrench into everything because shit like that happens. I haven’t let it stop me though. I’ve been working steadily to slowly wrench things back into some semblance of control, and have at last regained my weekend writing time. Not that I always want to write, but I do it because I need to, I have to, it’s in my blood. Yes, I’m usually beyond exhausted mentally from the week before and it’s stressful thinking about the fact I have a WIP that I wanted to have out (at the latest) by last June that I’m still working on.

Did things go according to plan? Obviously not, but that’s okay because life isn’t fair, life isn’t easy, and life goes on. Am I going to get this WIP done? Hell to the fuck yeah! I don’t have a set date, but every single day I put in more words means I’m one step (or at least half a step) closer to being finished. That is progress. It may not be the progress I had before shit hit the fan in my day job, but so what? I did mention that life isn’t fair and doesn’t always go according to plan.

Keep on moving forward. Don’t give in, and don’t give up. Your story deserves to be written because it holds meaning for you to tell it to the world. Head up, shoulders back, and throw a big old middle finger to the universe. Obstacles may knock you down for a time, but you are strong enough to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue forward. It may take two, three, or twenty times longer than you thought it would, but who the fuck cares? All that matters is that you:


XO Moira Callahan

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