Raven Rambles on Edits and ignorance

Hi peeps, Raven here.

Sorry if this is late. I’m deep into final line edits for a book. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but I respond to any edits like one of Pavlov’s dogs. I have to respond.

Immediately. Or even sooner.


(source, pinterest)

Okay I couldn’t find a cute dog and a book so I got a cute cat and a book instead)

It doesn’t matter if I’m deep into a complicated storyline, or three weeks behind with the ironing (especially that) the minute I see that Email, I respond with a fast beating heart and a desperate urge to see what needs doing. That minute. Not in an hour or when I’ve written the next chapter or ironed the next shirt.


I have no idea but I can’t do anything else until I’ve tacked the edits in question. I suppose it’s a bit like homework. Do it, do it well and then you can do something else.

That’s one reason why this post is late.

I have edits. And not just edits but Final Line Edits. (not for EP) This is a complicated set with two people having gone over them, and the odd comment from my actual editor. To say I’m giddy and suffering from rainbow colored-itis is an understatement.

Different people work different ways and one of those is very different.

Which brings me to the point (well one of them) of this post

Never be afraid to ask questions.

Some of the jargon and abbreviations were beyond me. So I asked what they meant.

Both of fellow authors and my editor.


I’m happy to say it wasn’t just me who scratched her head at times.Seriously I was in a tizzy.  (filtering anyone?) But now I’ve got it sorted and can crack on.

But sorry, everything else has suffered meanwhile.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed by next week—well as normal as it ever is around me.

So, is it just me, or do edits affect you in any way? Does anthing else? And what about asking for help?


Take care, (pass the gin please)


Love Raven xx

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