Learning as you go with @aprilzyon

Hello, my darlings and welcome back to another Wicked Wednesday. I would like to pick up on a couple of previous posts.

We all need our support groups, that’s for certain. In this world as authors, you need to have someone in your corner, someone you can talk to and pitch ideas with but also someone you can trust.

I know that others have touched on this topic as well, but I want to expand on this a bit. You need real friends; this is true, but you also need to be wary of the ones who call themselves your real friends. Always walk away from those people who are so happy to carry tales to you of what XYZ person has done this time or always seems to know every controversy that is happening in the author world at every given time.

Why? Because if this person is telling you tales of someone that they are “friends” with then what secrets are they telling that other “friend”? These are the people who are always so willing to listen to what “drama” is happening in your life and are so ready to tell you what is going on in someone else’s life. You know the kind of person I’m talking about. That “Crusader” who is always so incensed because someone has done something to hurt or offend their friend for some reason.  They will take great delight in taking someone down at the knees just because of some harm is done to their friend but what they likely aren’t telling you is what they are saying behind your backs. What slight might have been said and done to you is likely nothing compared to what has been mentioned and hidden behind your back.

Because to be perfectly honest, people like that do exist, and they are out there, and they know how to cover their asses. Believe me. Right down to deleting their Facebook accounts. They do this so that when you offer up your passwords to other parties so that they can read FB messages between yourself and the other person to prove just what an “amazing friend” this person is to them and what they’ve actually said about YZX to you while carrying tales about you to YZX around it shows as “unknown user”.

Yep, been there and done that and watched it happen time and again. How it continues to go on, I simply don’t understand it, but that’s not for me to decide.

All that I’m saying is when someone comes to you, and they claim to be your friend, yet they want to bash and talk about other authors – just walk away. There is already more than enough hate in the author world. It’s time for us to freaking get past it! We need to work TOGETHER not tear each other down. We need to be a community and communities support each other.

If we are friends, I don’t want to hear the latest gossip about XYX, I don’t care. Not my circus, not my monkey. All I want to know about is how you are doing, how I can help and how the writing is going and where your next book is going. I have learned my lesson and don’t need another primer on that one, thanks.

I guess that’s it for me.

Love lots,



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