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Good morning all! Kacey here, and Happy Saturday!! Another week has flown by us. I’m so in love with the fall colours this year. We didn’t have much of a summer, a hell of a drought to be exact, but it is wonderful to see the mass amount of colours lighting up our driveway, road sides and our fields. It is my favourite time of year.

As you are reading this, I’m currently in Niagara On the Lake at a Writer’s Retreat with about a dozen Evernight Publishing authors. As I write this post (Thurs morning), I’m super stoked that I get to meet the Evernight PR person and the authors I only know by name. Well except my roommate SJ Maylee as we have met in person before, but I’m excited to meet everyone. The drive should be interesting. I haven’t done such a long drive like this on my own but I’m always challenging myself so it should be great.

What is the purpose of a Writer’s Retreat? Why are they good to do and why important?

And you’re probably thinking … OMG, I write in the corner of my dining room, a small office. You mean I’m supposed to get dressed, leave my house and…and…and…MEET people???

Yes, Yes and Yes!! Get out of those jammies some time and be the introvert mingling among other people who love the same job you do!!

First and foremost it is a chance to brainstorm/collaborate ideas with other like-minded souls. There’s nothing more phenomenal than sitting down and talking about writing, what you’re stuck on or another person who understands the struggles to possibly help you over a hurdle you haven’t been able to jump over yet. Writers gather in one room, some author prefer to find a quiet corner, and slay words for an hour or two throughout the days(s) and challenge themselves to a word count every hour/day. The goal of course is to reach it and some are even lucky enough to finish a full story at a retreat.

Though I’ve never been to a retreat before, I have attended conferences and brainstormed with other authors, then went home and put my words down. To come up with ideas, stories, sharing thoughts and challenging one another is  something that is priceless. There is nothing better than sharing a common goal and inspiring one another. Some authors are also lucky enough to have a retreat they can escape to regularly. I know a few who have cabins nestled away in out of reach areas, they unhook for a few days/week, and do nothing but write and let nature inspire them. So a writer’s retreat isn’t always with other authors and can be done alone. But it is a challenge in the sense to leave that corner office, step away from just talking to your computer screen and be inspired by people who are battling the same OMG moments getting from behind their own screens. It’s a bonus to share in an adventure like this. Allow yourself the chance to surprise your introverted soul. *g*

I hope to walk away from the weekend with a great word dent in the next story I’m going to conquer, and also have an idea down with one of the authors to do a collaboration / series with. We’ve talked about it many times but haven’t sat down to really iron out details, etc.

It is good to have goals and positive reinforcements with our writing. At retreats such as this one, we can all draw that from other authors. It is what makes this business so awesome and appealing … sharing the same passion and inspiration with other souls.

Have a great weekend!!

Until next week,

Happy Writing!

Kacey (2)

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