Raven Rambles on…actually I’m so kn****red I’m not sure

The Thursday thoughts of a oh so tired author

Dear reader,

Be gentle with me.

I’m exhausted and that is fine. We’re not superwoman all of the time. Just 99.9% of it.

This moment is that other .1%. Do I hear you ask why? (If not why, not?) Whatever I’m going to tell you.

Edits. Of the ‘can we have them back in two days’ sort.

Now this is not a regular occurrence. Edits usually have a while to be done and returned. One or two weeks depending on length which round etc. and, I’ll add this was not Evernight.

And of course I could have said sorry no can do. And any good Ed will accept that. However, (yeah there’s always a but sort  of word—one T—and okay often a two T one as well) I will be netless from Friday to Tuesday and my Editor knows this. And we’re on a deadline.

This is one of those conundrum moments. Where I know I can’t just think I’m tired I need to sleep.


I’m assuming that you, like me have an idea of non-writing times. Family time, ‘snuggle time’ (hehe ) cooking, crafts or whatever. A period when the lap top is closed the WIP shelved to the back of your mind, and you concentrate on other things. (Or sometimes your mind will not switch off, that’s normal. Notebooks are your friend for a reason.)

notebook and pens

But it mustn’t be set in total stone, you need a bit which is accessible. Flexible.

Where you are happy to change and do something else. I mean happy, don’t do it grudgingly. It’ll show.

(I know by bitter experience.)

I mean if you normally write every Tuesday and your mum has her first public acting part, you don’t say you can’t go. You go and enjoy it. You’re not going to miss school concerts, the meet up with a mate you haven’t seen for ages or ahem, special time with the significant other.

And conversely if you have something that had to be done, writing wise. You have to say politely to whoever, sorry but… (one T) I have to do this.

Believe me it won’t be easy either way, and you will feel guilty. And think of ways of making whoever it is suffer.


Don’t feel guilty. Sometimes we have to say sorry, no can do, but you’ll know when those times are. Because flexibility is the key. Mind you,  so so is sleep.

I reckon none of this makes sense. sorry, I am now going to sleep.

Raven xx


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