Age is just a number… #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

…. or so they say.  Hello lovely, peeps, Doris here with her Tuesday thoughts, or maybe that should be ramblings because believing me, I will ramble.

What brought me onto the subject of age, you might ask? Well, largely because yours truly is fast hurtling toward the big 50.

It’s still over a year away, and it doesn’t really bother me, apart from the fact that I’ve recently become very aware of the passage of time.

Clock Face

The kids are growing up far too fast, and the aches and numerous pains are increasing. To such a degree that I actually took myself off to the doctor. I shan’t bore you with the details. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll have heard them already, and, besides investigations are ongoing so to speak.


That makes me sound like a CSI case.


On a serious note, however, it made me realise that I can’t keep burning the candle at both ends and that I need to make time for getting more active and getting fitter. I walk miles every day as it is—we don’t own a car, so walk/cycle everywhere—but I don’t actually work out if you see what I mean. Exercising my fingers on the keyboard sadly doesn’t count. Neither do trips do the cupboard to get more chocolate.

Darn it.

So, I’ve become a member of our local sports centre, and have started swimming and Aquafit. I did make the lady at reception laugh when I picked up my membership card, and she enthusiastically suggested booking my induction for the gym.

“Erm, no, not until I’m a lot fitter, thank you.”

Closeup of a muscular young man lifting weights

Shameless excuse to fit in a hunk picture 😉

I will get there, eventually, I’m sure, but I much prefer water based activities.

What on earth has all this to do with writing, I hear you ask. Well, nothing and everything. Doing this fitness drive cuts further into my writing time, so I will not be as prolific with my releases as I have been. Sorry, readers. Of course, I will still be writing, but much more slowly than I have been. So, forgive me, and bear with me. I have to look after myself though because no writing will be happening at all if my health continues to go downhill.

Have you ever tried writing a sex scene when you’re in pain? And I’m not talking the fun kinky side of pain here… yeah, doesn’t exactly put you in the mood.

Enough of the woe is me, however, and onto the other age thing I wanted to talk about.

The ages of your H/H.

I’ve just finished a story with my oldest heroine to date. She’s forty, not old by any means, but certainly older in romance heroine terms.  Most tend to be in their early twenties, and I’m guilty of that too. But there comes a point, where writing about young women who could be my daughters loses its appeal. While it’s cool to imagine yourself that young again, there is also something nice about writing an older heroine.

I’ve had fun writing her, and I’m sure there will be more older heroines to come. Funnily enough, my heroes always tend to be older, especially lately. They’ve always been in their early to late thirties, and now in their mid to late forties. I’d blame my age, but, considering my first ever boyfriend was two years older than my dad…

Yeah, busted. I’ve always had a thing for the older man. Funnily enough, hubby is only two and a half years older than me. I keep teasing him that he’s turning into my very own silver fox now. He doesn’t seem to mind, though, and besides, it suits him. I digress, however, as always.

Suffice to say, it’s fun playing with different aged characters. Reader response will tell what they think of my forty-year-old heroine. Hopefully, they’ll identify with her, as much as readers seem to do with the younger heroine. Not that any of mine have been truly young. I quite enjoy reading New Adult stories, but I can’t envisage myself ever writing one. As the mother of several teenage daughters, I get too much of that drama in real life.

So, to conclude my ramblings—I did warn you—age is indeed just a number, but keep the actual age you’re writing about in mind when you do. Nothing as off-putting as a mature heroine acting like a spoiled teenager, or the other way round. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with that.

My latest heroine is decidedly bratty, on purpose. It’s her way of dealing with some pretty deep issues in her life, and it’s her armour against the world, as she rediscovers who she really is after a messy divorce. Fortunately for her, her hero sees through this to the real woman underneath.

I did mention I had fun writing her, and her internal monologue had me in stitches at times. Whatever you do, keep it real,  keep it fun, and shake it all up a bit.

That’s all from me today.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xx


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