Raven rambles and shares her Thursday thoughts on deletion

Raven on deletion.

Deletion is good for your soul.


(source, pinterest)

I say this hollowly, as I look at the three plus pages of deletions I have just removed from my WIP.

That’s like taking some of my baby and saying its not needed. Remove the scarf, ditch the shoes, pluck the eyebrows.

Not needed.

Hard and scary as it might feel, sometime it does need doing.

Too wordy, too telling to damn everything, except a tightly written story.

So you have to bite the bullet (or press the cut and delete) and just do it.


(Source, pinterest)

Will you feel good?

Probably not, not at first.

Will you ever?

I hope so.

Once you’ve done it that first time, and reread what you have left, and suddenly get the light bulb ‘yeah, that so works better’ moment, it gets easier.


But like that first haircut it takes courage to do it.

This is a short and sweet blog this week. I now need to fortify myself to take that next step and delete some more… not a lot but grief how many times can I use one certain word in 70K Too many. Thank goodness for search and replace.

Pass me the gin…

3 thoughts on “Raven rambles and shares her Thursday thoughts on deletion

  1. I am totally on this bandwagon. Deleting things isn’t always a bad thing. What worked during the initial writing to get you from point A to B may not actually work the same way in the finished project. While it’s hard cutting out pieces we have to remember that it’s for the “health” of the story to get rid of what’s dragging it down.


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