Raven’s Thursday thoughts on what we are trying to do…

Hi all, Raven rambling on Thursday here.


You know when we began Naughty Quills, it was because all seven of us realised one thing we wished we all had when we started out, was someone to tell us how it was for them. You know, the highs, the lows and the pitfalls. The pleasure the pain, the camaraderie and the nastiness.


So we thought, well, if we wished for that, maybe others do as well. And that’s what we try to do.


It seems somehow we might have failed along the way.


I heard recently that someone said we were preachy. Preachy? Lecturing? Standing at the front like a master which a cane? (Oh the pictures that conjures up)


(source, Pinterest)

We don’t mean to be. We’re just ordinary people who are lucky enough to write and get published who want to share some of the things we’ve learned along the way.


It’s fantastic, scary, amazing, scary, and yeah, scary when you get that first acceptance letter. Well it was for me. It was 3 am, I’d got up for a drink and checked my emails. Seen the letter up, dashed into the bedroom screaming “they said yes.” Lovely Dh sat up said “Wow, so happy for you, that’s great can I go back to sleep now.” Gave me a kiss and did just that.


And then the rest of the hard work began.


No one knows what really is going to happen on the way from sub to published, until they’ve done that brilliant journey. Even then it’s not exactly the same for everyone, but some things are.


You know you’ll get edits, groan at your mistakes, maybe get second edits and copy edits. Disagree with your editor, swoon (or cry) over your cover and bite your nails.


What you don’t necessarily know is how all this works. That’s all we’re trying to do.


Do we manage? I have no idea. Why not tell us what you’d like to see here.


If we’re preachy, tell us, tell the preachy one. Tell us how and why. Hell if it’s me shout it to the hills. That’s the last thing I want to be.


Hey and if you think we’re on the right lines, thank you. But you are always welcome to comment. I’ve a broad back. And wine and chocolate.


Love Raven x



10 thoughts on “Raven’s Thursday thoughts on what we are trying to do…

  1. I haven’t been reading here that long, but I haven’t found anything preachy. Perhaps someone felt they needed to be preached at deep down inside, therefore, preachy.
    If I want yelled at, I read Chuck Wendig. If I need support, I’ll “whine” to friends.

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  2. I believe in learning from others, in any occupation/situation. If we do not learn, we don’t grow. I wish I had some of our sage advice when I started writing. Preachy or otherwise 😀 I’d rather learn from those in my field, who else is going to be truthful about this business if not those within it?
    Perhaps someone suffered from a guilty conscience and took someone’s advice as preachy because of what they’d done/been up to. 😉

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