Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

This is part one of a three part series my darlings, today we are going to talk about trolls, as part of a series on dealing with people on the interweb… No, not the (not so) cute toys from my childhood but the interwebz trolls. The people who think that hiding behind a keyboard and causing mischief is such a fab-u-lous thing!

Yep, those people. We’ve all had them. We’ve all dealt with them. We will all continue to deal with them because this is the age of anonymity people and sadly its the age of the time where people can hide behind proxy servers and hide who they really are just so they can lash out at anyone that they want to.


That is the big fat shiny question. 

There are so many answers to that question however.

Perhaps the person has nothing better to do.

Perhaps the person simply doesn’t like you but they can’t tell you that to your face because you work together, are family, are “friends” etc?

Perhaps that person is jealous of you for some reason.

Perhaps they woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Perhaps they are having a shitty day and you posted about sunshine and rainbows in your day.

The list is endless and trying to figure out why a troll has targeted you is like trying to figure out why I’m not a size 0 and why oh why has Gerard Butler not come for me yet?


**Swoons, I’m still waiting for you….


Anyway… Back on topic.

When dealing with Trolls here is what I was reminded if. Yes, I had to be reminded because I haven’t had to deal with them in a while (counting blessings).

First identify a troll (there are far more ways to ID a troll and I’m sure that people can chime in with more ways)

  1. Its a troll if they come at you all hateful like
  2. Its a troll if they don’t have any friends on their social media account
  3. Its a troll if they don’t have a profile image
  4. Its a troll if they don’t have any posts
  5. Its a troll if all you see on their page is hate propaganda
  6. Its a troll if they tell you that you aren’t good enough to do this or that or the other
  7. It’s a troll if they don’t have a “real name” ie “bloody moon” or “vamparella” – well you get the gist of things
  8. It’s a troll if they say things just to be mean, hurtful, hateful, rude, crude and and all around bully

So how to deal with them (again, I’m sure there are more ways to deal with them as well) 

First, politely thank them for contacting you and for giving you their opinions and then block them. That’s right. Block them. Don’t spend another moment’s energy on them. Seriously. I’ve spent far too freaking much time on trolls and other people who hide behind their keyboards and I’m learning that blocking, unfriending and walking away is the best medicine.

And while you might want to go to your bestie and bitch – don’t.


Why? Because I can promise you that you will go to them and complain and they will say something to someone else who will say something to someone else that will add on to it – remember the game telephone? Yeah, you will have all sorts of messed up stuff said about you, or you will have said all sorts of messed up stuff about said troll by the end of it and you will come out as being the Queen Biznatch of all of them and the troll who started it all will be sitting their laughing their ass off.


So let’s recap…

After you’ve figured out its a troll… 

  • Block and delete them
  • Erase them from your memory because they don’t deserve another second of your thoughts
  • Have pie (or wine) or cake (or wine) or something else that you love
  • Never talk to anyone about the encounter because it would only be bad and we all know if you bring it up people will want you to name names
  • Go back to writing. If it helps you, write a character and kill them off just for the sake of said troll!
  • If you continue to get harassed start to report the profiles to the appropriate people. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. Don’t allow yourself to be harassed (will be covered later)


Now, on to the real reason that you are here on Wednesday ..  the mancandy 🙂

I drew today’s images from The Worlds Hottest Men on Facebook.

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6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

  1. Great post, April, but why even reply to them in the first place? I simply block and move on. Never engage a troll in any way. That is after all what they want. I don’t give folks who spread false stories the time of day.
    I can’t abide liars of any sort.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Am I the only one who isn’t on for the man candy? That apart one of the first things I was told was never reply to a troll. That is what they want, for you to react.
    Sadly though, they aren’t the only people who spread stories that aren’t true. It’s a harsh truth to discover, but some people just have to create trouble, troll or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh these buggers raise my ire!! Sage advice, April. There’s someone always trying to knock others down. It’s bully-ish and I hate that. I’ll confess, there are times where the troll has been so terrible, I’ve blocked without responding in any way. Even to politely thank them for reaching out. Thank goodness for the “block” buttons. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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