Walk Out With Head High #BookSignings #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. Kacey here once again. Hope you’ve all had a phenomenal week.  This past week was a recovery from last weekend when I was away at the Ignite Your Soul Book Signing in London, Ontario. I had such a fabulous time, met a lot of new authors and readers and revisited with old ones. The event was awesome and I can’t boast about it enough.

One thing I wanted to cover this week was about book signings. They are incredible, a lot of preparation and a wild ride. For a lot of authors, they enter a book signing determined to sell ALL of their print copies, get rid of all their swag and walk out with a fistful of dollars.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble – and having sold out a couple times myself – that is NOT the attitude to walk into a book signing with. It really isn’t.

Stop scratching your head and frowning at the screen. You heard right.

The main focus of a book signing SHOULD always be … MEETING YOUR READERS (first and foremost, hence the capitals), networking with reviewers and collaborating with like-minded writers like yourself.

Sure it would be amazing to sell all those print copies and head home with that fistful of dollars, but it doesn’t always work out that way for every author, nor is it the goal. There’s nothing – NOTHING – like meeting your fans/readers in person. Especially for the first time. Talking to those people who love your stories as much as you love them is the most amazing feeling; I can’t even gather the right words to express it. Trust me, when you do book signings (the first or fiftieth time), it’s a heartwarming and humbling experience. For those readers to come see you, talk to you, be interested in your stories/you, it can open an author’s eyes to what is truly important.

Some authors have walked out of book signings with a defeated attitude. I’ve witnessed it and my heart goes out to them. But knowing from the beginning what the book signings are all about and what you really want to walk away with, makes the experience 100 times better.



When you have the chance to do a book signing, understand that it’s a chance to meet readers, not all about the money. Going into a book signing with only money in mind is setting yourself up for failure nine times out of ten.

Enjoy the moments, love the readers and be ready to smile for photos. Then take that experience home, those awe-inspiring moments when the readers beg you for the next story to a series or pick your story up for the first time, and write like the wind! Be inspired after a book signing and write your next fan-favorite!


Until next week, happy writing!!

Kacey (2)

One thought on “Walk Out With Head High #BookSignings #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

  1. I haven’t been to any book signings yet, but I always thought you wouldn’t come away from those dollars in hand. It’s about meeting the readers, isn’t it. Thanks for sharing this, Kacey 🙂


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