Raven says, buy the book…


Welcome once more to Raven’s ramblings and Thursday thoughts.

This week I’m sounding all Domme like…

The other day, I was astonished when a fellow author said people were coming out of the woodwork and asking why they had been refused an ARc ( not by her but by the powers that be), when they knew her.

That is not what Arc’s are all about. books are cheap compared to the work put into them. So you know The author. You want to support them, surely?

Just buy the damned book. (Unless a grateful author has given you one because you deserve it)


Okay lovely authors, we’re all readers as well, aren’t we?

Looks around sternly. Aren’t we?

Thank you for those nods reluctant or not.

We as authors are also readers. We buy books.

Now, before you all roll your eyes and mutter ‘oh glory (or stronger) she’s on about pirates,’ no I am not.

Though of course I can always moan about those sods.

sexy pirate

(Except him. I just drool over him)

No this is about another way of people (some people not all) expecting a book for free.

An ARC to be precise. That for those not in the know is an Advanced Review Copy. Which some publishes give to their authors to hand out, some send to review

Book review

companies to be reviewed and yet others put on to sites where people can sign up to get a copy to review.

That’s lovely but not everyone who sign up will be accepted for a specific book. After all it is not just a way to get a free book, which you read (or not) and forget about.

These sites are invaluable for authors to get reviews. But they are not as some people think an easy way to get a free book. Just because Issy or Bissy is a third cousin twice removed or went to school with you for a week when you were five, is not a reason why they should be guaranteed a copy. Tell them politely it’s only $2.49 or whatever, less than half the price of a pint or a latte.

Now here at Evernight we get a lot of copies to do with what we want. So Issy or Bissy can have one if you chose to give them one. Choose to…

Why am I writing? For whom?

Your choice, but I often wonder, if someone purports to be your friend, don’t they think it’s worth that $2.49 to support you?

Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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