Why do you write? #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)


Happy Tuesday, folks, Doris here. As the title says I’m musing about this all important question today. Why do you write?

word of why


I encourage you all to sit down and ponder this for a while.


I can hear you thinking now. What has set the daft woman off this time?


Well, nothing and nobody in particular. I just like to remind myself sometimes why I got involved in this business in the first place. We all hit those moments when we wonder if all the hard work is worth it, don’t we? And writing is hard work, no matter how much we might enjoy the actual writing bit.

There’s so much more to it after all, and sometimes even the act of writing can be a chore. It’s easy when your muse cooperates and you simply have to take dictation. Your characters are such strong voices in your head that you set aside everything and your fingers fly.

Those are the stories we all love to write.

Then you get the stories that aren’t so easy. It’s a struggle to find the motivation to park your butt in front of that laptop and to find the right words.

At other times the words are there, but you simply cannot be arsed to write…

In any and all of those scenarios, and believe me, I have experienced them all more than once over the last almost five years of being published, I like to remind myself why I write in the first place. For me, at least, it’s a deep-seated compulsion to tell a story. My earliest memories are of my concocting stories in my head. That little voice, as you watch folks that says, “What, if? What’s their story?”

So, when I hear of authors who give up, I always wonder to myself. How? Why?

Even if I never published another story, I would still be writing. At the very least concocting those scenarios in my head, but, you know. When I’m not writing, even if it’s just a few hundred words a day, there is something missing.

Writing is as inherent to me as is breathing.

Yes, sometimes it takes a back seat. Sometimes, when you see the thousands of downloads on a pirate site, you can’t help but wonder.

Why do I bother?

When the book you really love doesn’t do as well sales wise as you’d like it to.

When others soar to the top of those lists time and time again with seemingly very little effort on their part…

That little green-eyed monster rears its head. Sue me, I’m only human, but you know, all those negative thoughts are wasted emotions.

When you feel down about your writing, for whatever reason, and it could simply be that you don’t manage to write as much as you’d like to, due to other commitments, ask yourself that question.

Why am I writing? For whom?

Why do you write?

If you’re like me, and you’re writing for yourself first and foremost because those stories just demand to be written….well, then you get behind that keyboard and you write. Doesn’t matter how much, doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete any particular story, doesn’t matter how many or how few copies that story sells… The only thing that does matter is that you’re writing. Do so to the best of your ability and let all the rest go.

Because, believe me, if you’re  in this business for any other reason, disappointment will be sure to follow you around.

It’s a rare author who gets rich on their writing. Some do, and they make a fortune, but they are very much the exception. Some are fortunate to be able to give up their day job, but for the vast, huge majority, they could never survive on their writing alone.

So, with that in mind, if your  answer to that question is money… well, you’re in the wrong profession, my lovely.


Seriously, though, folks.  Write for the right reasons. Write from your heart, and you’ll be just fine.

That’s all from me today.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx



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