‘Tis a season #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira


Moira here welcoming you back to another #SensualSunday. Today’s post is brought to you by the over abundance of ads, meme’s, and general mention of Pumpkin Spice. No, not the sixth member of the Spice Girls (let’s see who’s old enough for THAT reference!), but the “flavor” du jour that marks Fall.

Now, before you all start groaning, no I’m not going to keep mentioning Pumpkin Spice. Today I’m going to talk about seasonal writing/inspiration. I think many authors have had Small decorative bicycle with basket filled with yellow autumn leaves and grapes berries on the wooden floor.this happen. The weather turns, the season changes, and your muse starts thinking about a story to write for the season/holiday, or upcoming one.

For me, once the weather begins to cool, and the days grow shorter my muse usually starts to think about doing a Christmas story. I know, I said it, CHRISTMAS!! Ha! Don’t get your knickers in a twist, it’s okay. Like the stores who are always a season ahead of where we are on the calendar, so too should you be as an author. Especially if you’re interested in doing a seasonal book and having it come out that year. The other side to that coin is that there are authors who don’t write their seasonal book until they are actually coasting through that particular time of year – which is just fine too. Then again a seasonal story can hit out of nowhere, for no reason, and with zero warning – or as I like to call them, hit-n-run stories. No one here is about to judge what gets your muse humming in glee, believe me, all our muses dance to their own piper’s most days. Whatever works best for you is the only way to go.

I will mention that my muse was super proactive this year in starting to consider a Christmas story. It actually began in the middle of July when we had one of our few heat waves of this year. Probably out of sheer self-preservation to try helping me cool down (no A/C where I live *whimper*). As the dutiful author hosting the crazy muse that controls my creativity I Four seasonsdid what was necessary to get her off that crazy idea until later, and wrote down whatever she gave me.

This isn’t the only season that can spark creativity. Pretty much any holiday can get the muse spinning with ideas for what your next story could be. While it may not work, timing wise, in that particular moment to get started on it – you’re in the midst of another project for example – don’t waste the idea by not writing it down. The biggest lie we can tell ourselves is “I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it all”. If you’re a creative individual, pretty much a job requirement for being an author, then you have a higher chance of forgetting things. Your mind never truly stills, and new thoughts push things further and further back every second of the day.

Basically what all this boils down to is the moral of today’s post – whatever keeps you moving forward as an author is a great thing. Be it thoughts of crisp fall days, the first blades of spring grass, or fireworks coloring the skies over your town – go with it. There is no idea that shouldn’t be explored. While you may not end up writing it how it originally came to you, or using it how you thought you might, keep the juices (and ideas) flowing to always better yourself and your craft.

XO Moira Callahan

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