Reading Is As Important As Writing #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. Happy Saturday. I hope you’ve all caught up on some much needed sleep. This week was a hectic one here. School resumed for the year this past Tuesday and while I am glad to have the writing time again, I really dislike the early morning routine. But, another 180-ish days to go until summer vacation once again. *g*

While I was gearing up for the kids to return to school, I took some much needed “me time”. And what I mean by that is the avid reader part of me who forgot what it was like to while a way a few hours each day and enjoy a frickin’ fantabulous book.

Yes, 2 were for critiquing from a couple authors, but 4 others (read in the span of 6 days, even with a WIP calling my name) were all pleasure reading. Sometimes, as writers, we can forget about the time we need to replenish our minds, rejuvenate our romantic hearts and remind ourselves how much we love to read for complete enjoyment.

And as a writer, we have to read as much as we can. It’s that “learn from what you read” motto of writing what you know and reading whatever we can get our hands on in order to broaden our horizons and learn from others. There was a time when I could read a book a day, and from those stories I was bitten by the writing bug that I will always be eternally grateful for. There is nothing like a really great story to inspire a wanna-be author. These days I don’t read as much but when I do, it’s with savoring results and an appreciation for all the authors who continually inspire me with their worlds/stories/characters. And re-reading a classic, a first edition for example, the smell and look of those older books reminds me to appreciate every one and to dive right into it and be transported on a journey as if it’s the first time all over again.

Reading other romance stories, as well as many other genres including poetry and biographies, travel books, my writer’s soul in rejuvenated and reawakened. Let’s face it, sometime a writer can hit a wall of “no imagination/no inspiration”. When that happens, it sucks royally so we writers need to figure out how to get all cylinders firing once again. And what better way to do that, then simply read. Read for fun, read for an essay you need to do for school, or choose a topic you want to learn more about that your children are interested.

Reading is food for any soul and it feeds a writer’s soul incessantly.

It’s simple really, if you want to be a writer (and even when you do become one), read everything you can get your hands on.



Until next week,

Happy reading AND writing!! xo

Kacey (2)



4 thoughts on “Reading Is As Important As Writing #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

  1. Love this! You are absolutely correct, Kacey because reading to an author is as important as walking is to a runner! We stretch our brains with each and every single book that we read, with every new word that we learn, with every new genre that we might try. Reading is life and learning. ❤


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