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Happy Wednesday my darlings. 🙂 How are you all doing today? It’s hard to believe its September already! I’m just agog at the fact that this year is utterly flying by.

So a few days ago I read this amazing article by another author and it struck something in me. I really wish I had saved the article but I didn’t. I was on my phone reading it while waiting in the doctors office and sadly didn’t think about saving it.

The gist of it was this…

As an author, you go to conferences to meet your fans – you don’t go to make money. If you go with the intention to make money then you are doing your fans a disservice.


Here’s what I remember…

  • We put a lot into conferences.
  • We buy our books to sell at conferences (Oftentimes at a loss to ourselves)
  • We buy swag (I have an awesome story about swag that I have to tell you! One of the ladies on this blog wrote a series based in a small town and the small town had windmills in it. Anyway, she had these Windmill stress ball things made up to take to a con to give to her readers, something to deeply connect to her series. I thought that was a freaking AMAZING IDEA!)
  • We buy the table we sit at
  • We buy candies for our readers
  • We buy pens, markers, stickers, etc
  • Business Cards
  • Table coverings

and all sorts of other little things that you simply wouldn’t think of. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. But you know what, its worth it. Why? Because you meet your readers. You get to meet them face to face, hug them, take pictures with them and you get to finally put a face to a name. You get to chill out with people who have read your books and understand what goes on inside of your brain because they’ve peeked inside of your brain by reading that book. It’s not about stroking your ego, its about meeting people that actually understand how your mind works because they’ve met the characters that have ran amok inside of your little brain.

That’s right ladies and gents. Anytime that a reader opens your book they see the things that go on inside of your mind via your characters. 🙂

So the long and short of it is that Reader and author conferences area awesome. They really are. In large settings I’m actually very, very shy but in small settings I’m fairly “bubbly” or so I’ve been told 🙂

Now, the real reason you are here..

The lovely men.

Today’s men come to us via Facebook (of course!) And the seriously (SERIOUSLY!) talented Michael Stokes


Please visit his Facebook page and give it a like as well as give his Kickstarter a couple bucks as well if you can. ❤ (** I do NOT own these images, they are OWNED by Michael Stokes and the models that posed for them. I am simply sharing them and his amazing work with you all.)




4 thoughts on “Reader and Author Conferences with @aprilzyon

  1. Having been to many conferences — as a reader and an author over the last decade — there is no experience like it – from either side of the table! The day I met Cherry Adair and Suzanne Brockmann — 2 of the 5 authors I have read for the last 3 decades, I cried. And to have them give me advice now that I’m a writer… i can’t even tell ya what that means.

    I attend conferences for the interaction with my readers. Have done a couple the last few years where members of my street team/reader group came as well, and it was amazing to have them there, to talk with them, have dinner with them.

    Authors do put a lot into it and while we hope to make some $$ at book signings, it’s always about the fans. The reasons we write!

    And I’m shy at first too. I blush crimson all the time. But so so worth it!

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    • Oh how cool to have met people like that! I would have broken down crying as well! I agree, its amazing to meet these people so I completely understand what you mean there. I love meeting other authors and learning from them. I would love to meet the authors I talk to daily and want that to be my goal one day. ❤


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