Labor Day

Ravennas Monday MumblingsWelcome to Ravenna’s Monday Mumblings!

If you’ve written a story set in the USA, chances are you’ve written a summer holiday scene. Unofficially, Labor Day is the last day of summer, and it’s common to have an outing that involves BBQ and beer. Fireworks are often set off as well. But do you know what the holiday actually honors?

Per the United States Department of Labor website, Labor Day – celebrated on the first Monday in September – was created in 1885 by the labor movement. It’s dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

It wasn’t until 1894 that Congress passed an act making it a legal holiday. The first known celebration was in New York City. To this day, no one is quite certain exactly who first proposed the holiday.

But please keep writing those picnics and fireworks scenes, because we really do that during this weekend!

So Happy Labor Day! And however you choose to celebrate this day, please stay safe and have fun. Below are some funny memes I found about work for your viewing pleasure.

Until next week, Happy Writing!

team player

laziest co worker

accomplishments not noticed

all the work not doing

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