Raven Rambles on Suck it Up, Buttercup

Raven’s Thursday thoughts… on suck it up, buttercup…

Now before you all think this is the start of an erotic novel, well it might be somewhere but not here. No, this is another way of saying, pull up your big girl panties. (don’t be a pain in the butt)



Build a bridge and get over it. You know grow a pair, grow up and move on.

Why am reiterating this?

Two reasons really. One—I got a very blunt rejection this week. A straightforward this is not a good fit for us. No reasons why. No, “it’s shite, poorly written, inconsistent, unpleasant characters,” nothing. Just that one line, and ‘good luck’ with it elsewhere or something. I have never, ever received such an uninformative rejection before (and believe me I’ve had my share of rejections). Boy it smarted.

its a no

I moaned to a couple of mates, ate chocolate and felt, yeah not to put too blunt a tag on it, a failure.

But okay, now I’m over it. (Sort of) I won’t ask why it was rejected. After all, evidently it wasn’t a good fit. So Raven has to suck it up and move on.

Now, this couple of paragraphs is not a woe is poor me thing.

It’s actually a lead in to the rest of my post

The second reason to suck it up etcetera.

Generally, there will always be people who sell more than you. Unless you are the next top dog big seller and if you are Woo Hoo, can I stroke your arm and hope some of whatever it is rubs off on me.

On the whole, authors support authors. Some don’t and in my opinion it’s their loss. But whether they (or you) do or don’t one fact is irrefutable. Some people are more successful than others. That’s the way it goes with most things, and writing and publishing, is no different.

Yes of course it pulls you down when someone who writes in the same genre as you seems to be an instant best seller and you are just plodding along. You’d be a liar if you said you didn’t wonder why. But equally there is someone thinking roughly the same about you.

Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.

The rejection? Two choices. Forget about it and shove the m/s in the murky depths of your laptop (or wherever) Or give it a week or so, reread in and try to discover what is wrong with it. Be honest to yourself. Then decide what to do with it. It might still end up in the murky depths, who knows, but at least you will probably have a good idea why.

Someone ‘better’ than you? Take it on board as part of life’s rich tapestry. Remember you are you, and are achieving what a lot of people never get the chance to do. Spend time on an activity you love. Okay, you might not be able to give up the EDJ—you’re not alone there, but when that royalty statement arrives just look, and see something really important. People have spent their hard earned cash on your book. That’s right, yours. They deem it worthy to hand over part of their income so they can read it.

That is success. Revel in it, and go forth and rite some more. Who knows that one might just be the next big thing.


Happy reading and writing,


Love Raven x

8 thoughts on “Raven Rambles on Suck it Up, Buttercup

  1. First of all, massive (((((HUGS)))))) ❤ You should have been told why, but you already know I agree with you there. Secondly, I adore the rest of your post because it's so real and honest. Thank you for sharing it. And for the record, I love your writing. I know you know that, but I wanted to say it again. Chin up. ❤ ❤

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    • I’ve had my share of such letters and like you, I felt disheartened for the first couple of hours, but then I picked myself up, dusted myself off and started all over again.
      That was a very well-written bit of advice you’ve given especially to the up and coming authors which I hope we will all take to heart.
      I have a very good friend in NZ who gives me loads of advice on my writing. Some of it I take, and some I don’t. He reads all my manuscripts, only for content and is convinced that one day I’ll hit it big. When I get a bit of bad news, he says to ignore it, because they are being over analytical… so there, keep on trucking!!

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    • Thank you, every one, You encouragement so help. (It’s like fantastic virtual hugs.) But really I only used that rejection as an example to show it happens and we have to get over it. I’ll do the leave it and reread thing soon, and decide what to do.


  2. Yes! I gave myself a few days to wallow over not making it into PitchWars this year…then realized that, yes, that mms does kinda suck. And I know how to make it better. I never balk at ripping out bad embroidery or re-doing an entire bookbinding project. Those are way harder for me than writing. The reward comes when I realize there’s another writing project that I *can* fix right away, And even better: I love my revisions!

    I wouldn’t have discovered that if I was still wallowing.


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