Politics with @aprilzyon

No, I’m not going to discuss politics with you but what I’m going to touch on is something that’s been said before and I’m going to say it again…

We are authors. What we post on our author pages reflect upon us and what people tag us in also reflects upon us. Believe me, I know!

I had to reset my settings on Facebook so that I had to approve people tagging me in things because of some of the hate speech that I was being tagged in. Things that I would *NEVER* ever say, things that I would never approve of and just terrible, horrible things so  here is my post for this fabulous Wednesday in this political hotbed of a season…

Check your settings.

Trust me on this.

Make it so that you have to approve anything that people tag you in. I *hate* it, good lord love a duck I hate it with a passion however the simple truth is that I would much rather take an extra ten minutes out of my day to go through tags than let any of my friends, readers, fans feel as if they are being abused because of a tag that is on my page.

This goes for politics, racism, and so much more. Things that are so not me! I’m a huge believer in LOVE IS LOVE and EVERYONE is EQUAL… not all of my friends are sadly and they will tag me in some really – really crude and terrible things thinking that they are being funny when they aren’t. And yes, I’ve asked them not to.

So that’s my advise today my darlings, check your settings, ensure that you are able to approve any tags on your Facebook page before they go up.

That’s all for today. ❤

Now today all images are via Matthew Hosea. I just love him. He’s so …. well you will see. Drools!

10 thoughts on “Politics with @aprilzyon

    • Good, I hope that you catch it before someone ever catches you. I hate doing it because I love being able to have my readers being able to tag me, but sadly all it takes is one bad apple. 😦


  1. It’s bad enough having to see it – one of the reasons I rarely bother with facebook when it isn’t work-related these days, but being tagged in it? That would just irk the heck out of me.

    Thank you, thank you, Oh MAH GAWD, thank you for the man candy.

    Liked by 1 person

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