Making Memories #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

Happy Tuesday, peeps. It’s only a short post from me today, because it’s the last week of the summer holidays here in the UK, and that means hubby and I are busy making memories as the title says.

It’s somewhat of a tradition now, that hubby takes the last two weeks of the summer hols off, so that we can all spend time together as a family. Partly it’s to stop this harassed mummy from bashing kids’ heads together, of course. After four weeks of living in each others’ pockets, there is a lot of this going on.


As much as I love my kids, and I do enjoy having them home, those last two weeks…. yeah…they can be trying, shall we say. Hence hubby taking time off work and us getting them out and about.

It’s been a strange summer hols so far, if I’m honest, because hubby was off sick for the beginning of it. Two weeks of excruciating back pain, which meant, even though he was home, we didn’t really do anything with the kids, because he was too out of it on painkillers. I was also busy writing when I could, and then, there was the trip to Scotland to see the lovely Raven.

So, we were all looking forward to his two weeks off to make those precious memories. The first week was taken up with doing home improvements, getting school uniform etc, but that was okay. The three middle girls and the two little boys now have two new rooms, which they are very happy with, and we’re  as organised for the return to school as we’ll ever be.

So this week, it’s time to go out and about. So far, we’ve been to see one of our son’s and his fiance, made a trip to Southampton to spend time with our eldest daughter and her partner, had a trip to the Safari Park, and today, we’re off to the beach. It is promising to be a scorcher, so finger crossed and all that.

The great British summer can be tricky at the best of times. So far we’ve been dodging showers a lot.


You know what, though? It really doesn’t matter, because we’re doing things as a family, and like the title says are making memories. I’m very aware that, especially to the little folks, mummy’s books don’t mean a lot, other than mummy locking herself away to tap away at the lap top, and getting grouchy when she is being interrupted.

As much as I try not to be, when the words are flowing, and the characters are driving me hard, I do snap. Little faces fall and I always feel incredibly guilty. Yes, this is my job, and one I take seriously, but I’ll always be mummy to my brood first and foremost, and they’re growing up far too fast. When I got my first contract budda, as our youngest is known on the interwebz was still a huge belly.

This summer we celebrated his fifth birthday.


Mummy writing is all he’s ever known. If you ask him what mummy does, he very proudly says, “She writes.” God love him.

But, I’m still  a mother, and a wife, among the many other hats, I, like most other women wear and juggle every day. Where am I going with all of this? Just to say this.

Treat your writing as a job, because it is. Make it a priority, but also take time out to make those all important memories.

All too soon September 5th will be here, and the house will feel incredibly empty without the constant shouts of, “Mummy!”

My baby girl is starting high school which doesn’t seem possible, somehow, while the next twelve months will also see our first wedding in the family.

So writing… yes it’s my job. One I love, but right now, it’s taking a back seat, until the kids are back in school, and then, I’ll have some serious catching up to do. I will do so with a big smile on my face, however, because I’ll see my kids’ happy faces in my mind.

And you know, what inspiration fodder. The bear we saw incredibly close up at the Safari park, gave me an idea for shifter story. The person arguing with the game keeper, yet another spark of an idea. Not to mention watching the big ocean liner departing from Southampton, seeing that oldy wordy cottage in the middle of nowhere, and that beautiful sunset.

I’ll be back behind that keyboard with a vengeance and with lovely memories to boot.

That’s all from me today.

Do stay naughty, folks.

D xxx

7 thoughts on “Making Memories #TuesdayThoughts with Doris (@mamaD8)

    • Thanks, Ravenna. Pleased to report I can see nothing but blue sky out of my window this morning. so the trip to the beach is off to a fabulous start… just as soon as I have another coffee, and get off here… *yawns*

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