Finding the Perfect Title for a Story/Series #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)


Good morning all. Kacey here again to start off the weekend with coffee or tea, words of wisdom and a whole lot of yawning. *g* But let’s just jump on in with things today.

Titles — series or for stories.

It SUCKS when you have outlined your story/series, have notes in the margins, everything is perfect from the titles to plot to characters and the outline is saved to your computer so all you have to do is sit and write your fingers off…and then you learn that another author has released stories with those exact same titles/series names and your dream of the perfect stories is blown to smithereens.

Last week, after being struck with inspiration at 3 a.m., a whole trilogy came to me and I grabbed my trusty notebook and pen from the bedside table — EVERY author should have these at their bedside — and outlined (for a solid hour then dropped back into dreamland like a slam of a door) about 20 pages of plot, characters, turns and twists, and the titles of each book, as well as the brothers’ last name for the series was PERFECT for each and every single one.

Now, normally when I consider a title, I will look at many bookstores for the same title, series name, and google a dozen times. However, at 3a.m., I was in no way going to break my concentration to do so, and to see a social media post of  a series with MY title, books with MY titles on it…was deflating to say the least.

This isn’t a case of plagiarism in any shape or form, absolutely not, but everything was so perfect for my trilogy. It was soul-crushing to discover the usage of the same that I’d thought. My outlines didn’t seem so amazing anymore, the spark for the brothers and the series didn’t shine as brightly and I didn’t want to go back to the drawing board to change anything. Without these titles/series name, it threw everything off kilter because of how tied in the intricacies are. Nor do I blame the other author. I mean, my stories aren’t written yet and the ideas that inspire each author can sometimes cross paths as far as titles and character names go.

But, I won’t give up. NEVER!! I will get back to the outlines and see how I can shift things around, see what is triggered for all the stories. It’s just very difficult to get excited about such details then find road blocks in our way. The right info will come to me again, I know they will. Sometimes in this business we have to suck up what doesn’t work and keep trying.

As I mentioned above, and as far as direct advice goes for my post today — do always check bookstores online — amazon, kobo, B&N, etc., plus Google — when titling books and series. It’s always nice to have that piece of your story (outside of the writing) that is all yours. You’ll find authors who may have the same book title as you do once in a while, but if you can start out with one that is all yours when your book releases, it’s a bonus. A small minute detail to some authors but to others — like myself — I like having that aspect as all mine.

Titles are important, as are the series names an author comes up with, and they can become very endearing to each author. And it’s what may draw a reader in first, along with the cover and blurb, so we all want to have the best ones we can and ones that fit our stories from first to last page perfectly.


Until next week. Happy Writing!

Kacey (2)



2 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Title for a Story/Series #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

  1. So true! I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me! How many times I’ve figured out the name for a series / book title before the book was finished only to be crushed when I realized that it was already taken. You are correct however, all you can do is pull up your big girl panties and move on and choose something else. 🙂 ❤


  2. Fab post, Kacey. Titles are so important. I always do a search before I set my heart on a title, because I do prefer a unique title. Sometimes that;s not possible, of course. I hope you find some new ones that will work for your trilogy! 🙂


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