Raven Rambles on Etiquette

Hi all, Raven here, with Thursday thoughts on etiquette…

Yeah, weird do you think?  Etiquette and not the ‘don’t slurp your tea from the saucer’ kind. Although don’t do that either in polite company.

I’m talking about the do’s and don’ts of authoring.

title question mark cover

Be you established or not there are some things you just do not do.


Actually this applies to all people; authors, authors-to-be or not.

Etiquette can take many forms. From remembering to say please and thank you, to putting your knife and fork side by side when you have finished eating.


(source: Pinterest thepropdispensary)

To opening doors and not bloody well hijacking other peoples Fb post.

Hold on, I haven’t finished.

Is this a rant? I guess so, but not on my behalf. I saw a thread where one author congratulated another on her new release and a wannabe jumped in and asked for details of agents editors and so on. Wanted specifics.

Now we all like to help each other but was this good etiquette? No it certainly wasn’t.

First of all it was a post congratulating someone. Nothing to do with the wannabe.

Second, asking in an open post about specifics is not the place.

Third not every publishing house is suitable for every story.

Fourth, do not get stroppy if all this is politely pointed out to you.

Fifth, it is not your god given right to be helped right down to pulling your panties up for you. It was very politely and correctly pointed out to the wannabe that what she has previously said to someone she was writing was nowhere near the same genre as the person she was persistently asking for specifics from. Research is the key.

Six, Etiquette says you say very politely, sorry for hijacking the thread/harassing you.

Seven, (last one I promise) If you have queries find out who writes what you are and ask them, very politely if they have any recommendations. And do not be surprised if they say no. If you have a friend who writes (or has written) for a publisher you are interested you can ask them privately if they are happy etc and what’s the pros and cons. But that is it. And if they say they can’t go into specifics for whatever reason, accept it.

Now we all here at NQ write for Evernight, and yeah we love it because why on earth would we still here and typing away furiously if we didn’t. But even we know that EP might not be a good fit for certain people. (round pegs, square holes etc)

Writers on the whole are always ready to help each other, people who still aren’t published, readers, hell the man in the moon. If they can. But if they can’t… do not berate them.

Etiquette is the key…Well one of them. Next weeks post is another…

Happy Reading,

Love Raven xx

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