Raven rambles on square pegs in round holes in Thursday thoughts

*waves* Hi this is Raven again and rambling on… Who are we?


One of the first things a lot of people wonder when they have had their first book is what next? Followed by ohh so I’m a whatever (insert what sub genre you want) author. You know Regency, Sci Fi, BDSM whatever. Pigeonholed yourself have you?

And then panic sets in.

A screaming woman and books

ARGH but must I stick to it? Can I write another book along those lines? Am I really that sort of author?

Well you are and you aren’t.

Unless you want to be.

Now some publishers do like to buttonhole you as an x y or z author. Other such as Evernight don’t. That my lovely Evernight friends (and anyone else) is a big fat bonus.

After all, a lot of people when they start out aren’t sure just where their voice or muse will take them.

Yes they’ve enjoyed writing whatever it is but sometimes they’ll get a little voice in their ear whispering to them…

‘Why not write a *****?’ (insert sub genre of your choice)

Yes, why not? Nothing is stopping you/them/me/us.

You don’t know what you can do until you try.

I’ll stick my neck out here and be brutal. It might be crap. You (I’ll go from they to you, as you are reading this, whoever you are) might choose something you don’t know enough about, and get pulled up with a sorry but rejection letter. (Research is your friend, believe me.) You might get a no because it isn’t right for you. (I couldn’t write sci fi or horror for a fortune. Not my scene.) That’s the square peg in the round hole bit.

You night get a R and R revise and resubmit) or you might get the ‘we would be happy to…’

But you won’t know until you let your muse out to play, and discover your peg fits perfectly. A happy day.

Don’t be shy.

You won’t know unless you try.

See and now I’ve discovered I’m a poet, and I really didn’t know it.


Happy writing,


Love Raven x

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