Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

Hello all and welcome to Wicked Wednesday with me, April Zyon! I’m writing today about edits and about this amazing thing called an “Editor’s Pick”!

No, I’m not going to self promote myself because that’s not what this blog is all about but I wanted to tell all of you that its one of the best feelings when your editor feels your book is good enough to have a little red mark on it that denotes that it is an Editor’s Pick.

This is an amazing feeling! It really is! I love this feeling! I really do.

Now, another reason I’m writing this post. Edits!

Editors are amazing!


Seriously, not just because one of my books was chosen as an editors pick but because you learn a great deal about yourself while you are viewing yourself through your editor’s eyes.

I’ve had a number of editors in my time as an author and I have got to tell you, the editors that I’ve had with Evernight have by far and wide been the best that I’ve ever had.


They’ve opened my eyes to the things that I’ve done wrong and have helped break me of some of my really, really bad habits and I’m super excited about that.

The hard part….

Remembering what they taught me. Seriously I try to remember that they’ve taught me something, that they’ve given me some amazing tools but I find myself more often than not falling back into some of my terrible, terrible habits.


So I’ve tried to start to keep a notepad in order to keep the notes that the editors at Evernight have been giving me. I’m trying very hard to become a better author, and one that doesn’t need as much editing as what I need right now.

Here are a couple things to help you all out…




**this one is HUGE for me…


and finally one last one to help you out (and me too 🙂 )


In the meantime, I owe HUGE THANKS to every single editor that I’ve had over the years and especially the Editors that I’ve had with Evernight Publishing. ❤

Now, the reason that everyone is here….

Today’s images come to us from Hottest Men with Tattoos


4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

  1. Great post April! Editors are so so important to all authors.

    I have a “Cheat Sheet” of my bad habits I’ve learned over the years from critique partners, editors. I check it after I’m done the first draft, do the find/replace thing for each instance, and try my best to nix them completely in that first draft but some things are hard not to do as the writing flow takes off and fingers are speeding a long 😀
    I also use my pinterest board of writing suggestions like you’ve posted above for when i get stuck on some words, better ways to say things. Sometimes we need those visual references to smarten up *g*

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