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Moira here welcoming you to another #SensualSunday post. While sitting here thinking this post through I’m staring out my window, a movie I’ve seen a few times playing on low volume in the background and the weather is, yet again, changing. Seems to be the thing here where I live. Pretty sure Mother Nature has it in for us between the record breaking rain fall, a record breaking number of thunder storms, the winds, the hail, and general nastiness. It’s a good thing we had an early spring, because summer has sucked – weather wise.

Like the weather our writing path can change on a dime. Especially those of us who have squirrelly muses that like to throw out curve balls for kicks. Which leads us to today’s post.

Dictionary definition of word vocabularyMany of us picked a genre, or had one pick us, when we first started writing. It’s what we got our feet wet with, grew into, and evolved to the point where we were damn comfortable with it. But this doesn’t mean that we can sit back to rest on our laurels and coast along. As authors we know that we have to write daily, read in our genre, expand our vocabulary and generally work to better our craft. We also need to go where the muse, and our own interests takes us.

Romance is a great genre, it has unlimited sub-genre’s to let authors work with. Literally every other genre out there (sci-fi, mystery, etc) can be made into romance. As long as there is a romantic vein you are in the romance genre. Some folks are naturally terrified of stretching beyond what has worked for them in the past. But we’re authors, we need to always think ahead, and to grow.

Expanding your repertoire can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. The first step I would suggest is to read in the genre you’re thinking about stretching into. Don’t limit yourself to only authors you know, but go beyond that and maybe discover someone new. If you are still enjoying the genre after reading different takes on it then this would be the time to do some research. After all, you can’t write what you don’t know or haven’t invested any time in. Right?

What If ConceptWriting is your career path, it may not be your full-time paying job, but it’s your chosen career because it is what you love to do. It’s what speaks to your heart and soul, and what makes you complete. We all grow as individuals every single day, but don’t forget to grow as an author too. This means expanding your horizon, and yes, this also means expanding what you may be writing about. Go for it! Like in life, if you never take a chance then you’ll always be stuck in the same place. And no one wants to be stuck in the same place forever.

Now, get out of here and enjoy your day. Read, research, and write. Grow who you are, and reach for the stars. Have a fantastic Sunday.

XO Moira Callahan

Sensual couple loving sex.

3 thoughts on “Don’t limit yourself #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira

  1. Thank you for this reminder. I read all sorts of things so thank you for the reminder that its good not to leave ourselves in boxes. I’ve found I have left myself in a box more than once, so thanks for the reminder that its okay to get out of it from time to time.

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