Raven Rambles about the kitchen… and BDSM

Hi this is Raven, wondering…Have you ever considered…

BDSM on the cheap.






Okay this might sound tongue in cheek but actually it’s not. It’s in response to a conversation I had with someone who was very sceptical about BDSM in any form. One of the points brought up—after the whole what is kink/BDSM conversation (which I won’t go into here now)—was that it was expensive to go and buy toys when it might turn out it wasn’t your thing after all. I smiled oh so sweetly and promised to show them how it wasn’t necessarily costly, via Quills this week They know who they are so, I hope this helps.

Actually it should help anyone who either wants to feel the tingle or the sting, the blindfold or the cuff. Or wants to write about it, without visiting a sex shop on the high street, on line or wherever and handing over their credit card. I’m not saying you’d have to spend a lot of money there because you wouldn’t necessarily, but this is a fun way to play.

I walked into the kitchen and literally gathered up the first half dozen or so kitchen utensils I saw that would work.

kitchen utensils for BDSM

Then I wandered into the bathroom and found airplane sleep masks and earplugs. The bedroom brought me ties, sashes, a leather glove, and snigger an old garter. All perfect tying equipment. Cost so far…zero as long as you don’t ruin someone’s best necktie.

All right this is light hearted, but it works. Curiosity doesn’t have to cost money to be satisfied.

It does go without saying though whether you’re using your whisk, spatula or a custom made flogger, you both follow the SSC rules (safe, sane and consensual) and set out your safe words.

How many other things can you think of? I didn’t bother to think too much. It sort of all fell into place…. Snort

Pity my Dh is away wink

Happy er, ‘reading’,

Love Raven x

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