Time Out #TuesdayThoughts from Doris (@mamaD8)

Hello peeps, Doris, here, with some true ramblings, I tell you. I’m sitting here at almost midnight UK time on Monday evening, having just sent my latest story off to my beta readers, and I had a moment of shoot. I have a blog post to write, and no clue what to put in it.

You might recall from my post last week, that my muse has been driving me hard with this latest story. So hard in fact that I managed to write 27 K in a week. Well, make that five days to be fair, because I didn’t write for two of them due to family commitments.

Now, before you roll your eyes, and go, oh shut up you show off, this is not what this is about. Believe me this isn’t normal for me. Or I should say is only achievable when my muse  has her whip at the ready, like she did with this story.

And as wonderful as it has been to have my fingers fly over the keyboard, it is also damn hard work and emotionally draining. Now, I’m not complaining, by any means, but there is no way that I could maintain that pace day in day out.

Hence the title of this post. It is literally time for Time Out.


time out

Luckily I have a trip up to bonny Scotland planned to spend a few wine fuelled days with the lovely Raven McAllan. Always a fabulous time to be had, even more so this time, because my two adult daughters are coming with me. They’ve never been to Scotland, so it will be great to have them with us.

I have already warned them that I will be doing my usual singing loudly off-key to eighties music during the drive up.

Their response: “We’ll go to sleep. Sing away.”

Charming, I say…

*giggle snort*

Still, I can’t blame them and it all falls under that Time Out. We all need it, especially when we’ve been pounding away at the keyboard.

No doubt my muse will use that trip to throw something else at me, and a certain Master M who has been amazingly patient during my mad writing sprint of this story, will tap me on the shoulder, and give me that look, when I’m back. You know the one. The stop wasting time and get on with finishing MY story look.

MIcah leathers

However, until that happens, I shall kick back and relax a little.

That’s all from me today.

Do stay  naughty, folks,

D xx


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