Building Your Foundation with @aprilzyon

Hello and welcome to Wicked Wednesday with me, April Zyon. I appreciate you being here with me today.

As I’m writing this I’m watching, Unearthed on Science Channel. I’m watching the episode about the Parthenon and I realize just how brilliant that the Greeks were when they built this amazing place and then I look at the book (series) I’m reading and realize that the author is doing exactly the same thing that the amazing Greeks did…. she’s building this crazy strong foundation for this series that makes me want to read more of each character to learn more about them.

So today I hope to give you just a little bit about a good foundation.



  • You start with your basic foundation.

Your basic foundation should include an introduction to the characters, and the world that they live in.

  • Add your “walls”

These would be your secondary characters. Remember, these secondary characters might just turn into main characters for your next book so make sure that they are memorable – for the right reasons and not because they are poorly constructed

  • Add your roof

This can be your plot, the twists and turns that you want your book to take. I made this your roof instead of the secondary characters simply because when the book is over you want to blow the roof off of the readers mind, so that’s why this analogy.

  • Add decorations

All of the filler, the amazing stuff that makes us turn the pages and eagerly (sometimes impatiently) anticipate the next book and the next one and so on.

  • Finally, make sure you put out the doors

Ensure that your book has a great closing to it so that people can walk out the back door, around the house you just built with your book and into the front door once more and live in the fabulous house you built.

PS: in case you are wondering what I’m reading… I’m reading The Bayou Heat Boxset by two freaking AWESOME authors, Laura Wright & Alexandra Ivy. Here is the link on Amazon, in case you are wondering…

Now, for the real reason why we are all here. 🙂 Today’s images come to us from Facebook again, Hottest Men with Tattoos.

**  I do not own these images, I am only sharing them from the above Facebook page ** 


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