Raven’s Ramblings and Thursday thoughts on…Covers

Raven on covers. Happy Thursday everyone.

flicking book pic(just love using this, sorry 🙂 )

Remember you can’t let your baby go out into the world naked, even if it started out that way… It needs a cover…

By baby I mean your book. The one you’ve just written, have sent off your cover art form for and are now refreshing your inbox to see what the cover artist comes up with.

This is a biggy. You’ll have said what you imagine your hero and heroine look like, where the book is set and perhaps added the people you’ve based the characters on.

And then Drum Roll

You get your cover.

Now in Evernight we’re darned lucky with our covers. Jay Aheer is amazing, and boy do I drool when I see the email with cover art in the subject.

As this blog is not a site for us to pimp ourselves I’m not going to add any, but you only need to hop over to Evernight to see what I mean.

However, sometimes just sometimes, a cover artist gets it wrong and you are devastated.

If you agreed to it, in your mind your baby is improperly dressed.

Panic stations. What do you do?

Remember this is very unlikely with Evernight. But well, how do you sort it all out?

Firstly take a deep breath. Then walk away from the email. Eat chocolate (or your sinning food of choice), Go for a walk. Smell the roses (or the coffee)

And breathe.

Now go back and look at the cover again and decide—just for yourself at the moment—what you—remember this is just for your eyes only—think is wrong with it. Don’t pull your punches.

Pull up the cover art sheet you sent in and read it carefully.

Does the cover go against what you said?

Is it the couple, the pose or the clothes that spoils if for you? The colour? The background. Maybe the font?

Write all the things you think of, however small on a list. Then go away again.


This is the biggie.

After a while go back to that list and that cover.

Be truthful with yourself and score off the list everything you think is a, petty: b, unfounded: or c, you can live with.

Now look at what is left.

If these points really are deal breakers you have to think about how you explain that.

Rationally. Not yuk I hate yellow, or he looks like a floor mop.

Instead go for something like, the colour doesn’t quite gel. He has very short hair in the book.

Not, she looks like a stick insect, more she’s a little too thin for my heroine.

Of course if it is something major, like ‘I noted on the cover form she is blonde and on the cover she has black hair’, or ‘he should have a tattoo on his shoulder’, then that has to be explained politely.

No doubt it is a genuine mistake.

As I say, this is unlikely to happen at Evernight. We are darned lucky to have an input into our covers. Some publishers do not give you this luxury.

Therefore it behoves us, the author to help the cover artist as much as possible to interpret our characters as we see them. That’s what the cover art form is for.

However one point to remember, cover artists generally have to work from stock photos. They might not have one of a whoever lookalike. You could have to put up with his second cousin instead.

Covers matter, we all realise that, but you know? In the end, your reader develops a picture in their mind of how they see your characters. And it might not be at all like you, or the cover artist sees them.

That cover is to dress your ‘baby’ make it look alluring and entice people to discover more. But in the end it’s what is beneath it that counts.

Having said that, what is a book without a cover to draw you in?


What do you think?

Happy reading (or inbox refreshing)

Love R x

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