Lightening things up… #SensualSunday @AuthorMoira


Happy #SensualSunday every body! Moira here welcoming you back once more. I was originally going to do a real heavy, serious post but decided to postpone it a week or two. There is enough hate already being spread way too far around the world, and especially on social media that I didn’t want to delve too far into a serious topic this week. And don’t even get me started on the stuff that folks are making up just to get some sympathy for themselves at the expense of others. Ugh! So, since it’s my birthday in a couple days I thought fuck it, I’m going to have fun and spread the birthday joy around.

I’ve talked about Inspiration before here on Naughty Quills, but thought I’d provide some for everyone. This meant I had to start digging around on my favorite royalty-free site for pictures. Ah, the hard and grueling work that an author has to go through on a daily basis. It’s brutal I tell you, absolutely brutal!

So here we go, some visual inspirations mixed with some lessons because that’s just who I am, lol! If one inspires you, go with it! For reference, all images used in all my posts are either found on such royalty-free sites as Fotolia that I’ve legally purchased, or are images I have created myself after being inspired by something I’ve seen on the Net.

Classic Vintage Boxing Ring CornerHere’s image number one. Not much to it right? It’s a corner, of a boxing ring to be specific, but let’s think about that for a moment. Imagine your character is a boxer, standing in the corner facing an opponent, beyond the ring absolutely nothing exists from the time the bell rings until the ref breaks them apart and sends her/him back to their corner. Everything beyond that rope is a distraction, waiting to pull you in every direction possible and ruin the mindset. Kind of like life if you think about it, especially for us authors. When we sit down to write we need to think like that boxer, to close everything beyond the rope out and focus on our “opponent”, the story and characters on the page before us.

She's the only oneImage number two. A couple enjoying a romantic dinner for two. This is an older couple so one naturally has to wonder about what they’ve seen, done, lived through even. I would also like to know if they’ve been together for years, maybe celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary, or maybe they found each other later in life. Heck, it could be their first or second date! We don’t know, but we can wonder and imagine, and that is what gets our minds tripping along to creating scenario’s and starting to develop the story they have to share with the world.

SunsetAlright, image number three. A beach at sunset. Admit it, you would love to be there right now, hell I want to be there right now! Let your imagination soar. Your characters are on a walk after a date, or maybe it’s a character on vacation sitting out on the beach at the resort enjoying the sun setting and the waves rhythmically sliding back and forth on the sand. Maybe it’s the view from their new house, or a spot they’ve always wanted to go and have it as the background on their desktop as motivation to work those extra hours so they can get there and enjoy it. It’s a really nice view.

Shirtless sexy male model lying alone on his bedAnd last, but not least, image number four. Hubba-hubba! What’s he thinking about, is he worrying or is he waiting? Maybe he’s killing time until his lover, girl/boyfriend or spouse gets home after a long day. Dinner’s in the oven staying warm, the lights are low, and the bath is ready to be drawn. Or maybe they have a fireplace where the logs are crackling softly warming the space up on a cold and/or dreary day. Either way I think seeing this hottie warming the sheets would brighten many folk’s day.

There you have it. We’ve hit the end of yet another post here on Sunday, and a new week is ahead. Before that though enjoy the day and let your imagination run wild. Inspiration can be found quite literally anywhere, you just have to be open to the possibilities and let your mind and muse follow whatever the path might be.

XO Moira Callahan


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