It’s Not All About the Money #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

Good morning. Kacey here, and I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

It’s July, which means that for most authors / publishers, it is royalty time. Royalties (at most publishers) are paid in January, April, July & October.

Reading a comment by an author recently where she said her royalties were low was discouraging but she was working her butt off to get more books done because she hadn’t had a new release in a while, and it prompted my post today.

Royalties are awesome, of course, we all can guess that. We work hard for them, they pay bills, and the sometimes give us the incentive to continue writing. But writers can’t be discouraged if they aren’t as high as we’d like. As with the author I mentioned above, and even with myself this past quarter, there are times when the money isn’t as high as we all would like to see. For myself, I haven’t had a new release since October 2015 – I have had re-released titles which royalties from those keep me happy – but due to many factors in my life, I haven’t been able to finish a full manuscript to submit it anywhere. So with no new releases, most of the backlist titles don’t move either.

Many authors ask what the best way to get their name/stories out there. And there’s one fast and steady piece of advice I always give – new release, new release, new release. There’s no better promotion than being consistent and releasing frequently (not one a year!). I know this is a key factor to keep my backlist moving too, but life can interfere. However, I’m not discouraged when I see lower-than-I-like royalties, as I did this month. It actually gives me the motivation to get the stories that are in progress finished and pushes me harder to do better.

And it’s not all about the money. It doesn’t rank as #1 on the importance ladder for me. Writing because I love it does. Writing because the voices in my head need to come to life and their stories need to be told. I’m an author. It’s all about the stories and characters. But I would never turn down a nice royalty check! LOL

Never be discouraged. Don’t let the money become more important than the stories. You’re not an author because you make money – high or low digits – you’re an author because you write great stories that evolve from start to finish, and readers enjoy them.

Keep writing, keep having a love affair with all your characters, stay connected to your Muse and enjoy it all.


Until next week,

Kacey (2)

7 thoughts on “It’s Not All About the Money #SatisfactionSaturday (@KaceyHammell)

  1. Thank you for this! It’s so true. I’d love to be someone who’s making high 5 or 6-figures a year from writing but writing is the goal. Writing faster, smarter, better, hotter! Writing to give voice to the desires inside me and hopefully as a way to let others know that those desires are okay to have. XoXo


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