Raven rambles on …The Day You Hate your WI.P. …

Raven’s Ramblings and Thursday thoughts… on…

The day you realise you hate your WIP.

A screaming woman and booksWhat’s that you say? Do I see you all putting your hands over your ears in horror so you can’t hear those heretic words? Have you shook your head and shut your eyes?

Muttered what on earth is Raven on about? She’s off her rocker. The midges have got to her. How can you hate your WIP?

Oh believe me you can. Very easily.

Your hero is an ass and you can’t quite find the way to redeem him. Your heroine won’t do as you want her too. You can’t get round the ing words, the comma splices or starting every paragraph with ‘He’ or ‘She’.

You hate it.

It stinks.

You want to delete the lot of it.

Whoah! Do not move those fingers to the delete button. Just…do…not…Okay?

It doesn’t stink, isn’t crap, and you must not delete it.

Take a step back. Make a tea/coffee/g and t. Pour a glass of wine… oh and drink it

wine in glass copy

Attack the big bar of chocolate you hid for just such an occasion as this. How far are you in? It is a fact (I know because I’ve asked) that a helluvalot of authors get the ‘this ‘ moment in a story. Some at 10k, some at 20k, some at…well you get the idea.

When you least expect it.

It’s even worse when you’ve so far just sat at the keyboard and the words have flown up until then.

But it will pass. Honestly it will.

There’s no one tried and tested way to get over the hump. What works for one person might not work for someone else. You can shut the doc and tell your characters to go sulk and you’re going to ignore them. Write something else, read a book, or go for a run…

flicking book pic

Or you can re-read what you’ve written and look for those darned ing words and so on.

Author photo


Maybe ask a friend you know who will be ruthlessly honest, to read what you’ve got and tell you their opinion.


Rarely is it hateable.


Sometimes though, it’s just not ‘you’. Not your comfort zone. Either you expand that zone to take it in or… Yeah accept it’s not going to work.

Those times are miniscule.

Generally it’s you in a blue funk. Now remember my post last week?

This is where you build a bridge and get over it.


Snit time is over.

Go forth and write.

Love  R x

4 thoughts on “Raven rambles on …The Day You Hate your WI.P. …

  1. LOL!! FABULOUS post, Raven!! ❤ And as one who recently took one piece of the advice in this post by seeking the help of not one but TWO amazing friends 😀 to help her get back on track with a WIP, I can honestly say that works VERY well. 🙂 Thank you again to you and Doris! ❤


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