Finding time for you #WickedWednesday with @aprilzyon


Just like the title says, as authors we try to pack so much into our days that one thing we have to do is find time for ourselves.

We work our booties off writing books, editing them, promoting them and interacting with our readers.

Some of us also hold full time jobs outside of the house, have families and so on which takes up a lot of time.

So this is where this post comes from. Today I spent the day out with my daughter and it was great. I needed it and I think she did too. We did the oddest and strangest of things, we played Pokemon Go, we walked around parks, drove around town, visited the ice cream shoppe (darn) and just had a blast.

And you know what? I feel the words again. They are flowing and I think that this book might just be completed if not tonight before Monday which is pretty amazing since it was sitting at 200 words yesterday.

So you know what, as an author remember that you deserve a day off sometimes as well!


In fact, I think that I’m going to start doing this as a monthly thing, if not with her I can do it alone or with my son or the husband. Just taking time just to be human. Not the author, not the parent. Not the family accountant, you get the point, but to simply be… me.

Now, the best part of this post – the delicious men!


Today’s eye candy is brought to you via Facebook again, The World’s Hottest Men go and give them a like. 🙂

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